A Birthday and a Snow Day!

February 08, 2010

I love, love, love a good snow day!  Today has been a good snow day.  According to the forecast, our snow/sleet mix wasn't going to arrive until this afternoon, but we found ourselves waking up to a snow-covered winter wonderland.  

It's been years since we've had a real winter and I am just loving it.  This is the view from our back deck, to the right.  Unfortunately, that's not our piece of property.  It sure does make a pretty picture, though.

This is the view from my kitchen sink window.  These trees are on top of a "ledge" and loom over us. 

Lilah is the only one who wanted to play today.  My big girls wanted to stay inside where it's warm and dry...party poopers!  Lilah and I made a "Snow Chick."  She has to be a she because it seems she has breasts.  I like the way her scarf falls in between her decolletage.   Very attractive!

On our walk around the yard, I noticed a really random and really unsettling sight.
This is an earthworm!  How did it find its way to this particular spot, on top of the snow, with no earthworm tracks to be found?  Did a bird drop it here?  Poor thing...it will make a nice frozen treat for some bird later.  Maybe Stupid Bird will find it!  I've got to get a new picture of the red cardinal who flies into our picture window...every day...multiple times a day.  Anyway, he's back.

I've already got dinner ready for tonight.  We do love some chicken enchilada soup around here and I think it should be delish after it's sat all day, simmering, waiting to fill our tummies.

This post is getting really long and I haven't even gotten to the birthday part yet!  Saturday was my Gram's 80th birthday (as well as mine).  We share a birthday which is probably why I'm her favorite ;-)  Being an octogenarian is a huge thing, so Mom invited family and friends to share in the celebration.  I absolutely LOVE the cake.  I've got to give a shout-out to Paul's Bakery in Van Buren for taking my idea (that I stole) and turning it into something just so, so adorable.  It's a family tree cake...see, all of our names are on the leaves!  It was super yummy, too.  I love, love birthday cake (good cake, not WalMart or grocery store cake -- don't even go there with me -- I'd rather have a Betty Crocker cake mix cake than one of the aforementioned types of cake -- I know, I know -- I am a cake snob!!!)
Anyway, we had a wonderful day.  Here are some pictures of the party.  Gram's pastor from her church in McAlestar drove the church van up to my parents' house so some of her friends who don't like to drive too far could come.  Isn't that sweet?  That just says volumes to me about him.  Gram's sisters and their husbands came by as well as Gram's nephew and his wife.  A new friend from Sunday School, Joy, dropped by for a second and, of course, we were there.  It was a wonderful day!


Do you like how Gram and I have on the same color?  Not planned!  But very cute, I think.  I should stop now and check my cinnamon roll dough.  I'm trying Pioneer Woman's recipe today.  I think too many snow days could really make me very, very fat!

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