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Wife to my first and only love, mom to three daughters who are as different as can be, and teacher of English to sophomores. My life is far from perfect, but I share what I can because I think there's comfort in knowing we walk this road together. My days are filled with kids and my man, teenagers, books, laundry, dirty dishes, spills, and other minor emergencies. My hope is filled with the promise that God has given me a hope and a future! If I could, I'd work in my yard 24/7 and leave the house to its own devices. I'd also pack up my family and hit the road in an RV as we spent a year (or three) traveling and homeschooling. I'm about to decide it's time to take the plunge and put some of my stories on paper (or hard drive). So, I hope you'll stick around because I'm really a lot of fun most of the time and when I'm not fun I'm pretty close to certifiably crazy which means you still get to laugh.

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