Five Minute Friday -- First Time

April 29, 2011

After weeks of seeing the "5-Minute Friday" post arrive in my reader and thinking, "That sounds like a great idea," I'm gonna take the plunge and participate.  Today's topic is "If I Knew I Could, I Would..."  Here goes! 
If I knew I could, I'd be more transparent in my writing.  
I wouldn't worry about offending anyone or stepping on toes or revealing the ugly truth.
Sometimes the ugly truth is beautiful is on the other side.
If I knew I could, I'd go -- just go and travel and see and
experience the globe with my man and my children.  
Anywhere and everywhere.
If I knew I could, I'd be more bold in sharing my faith.  
If I knew I could I'd buy a pair of bling-bling jeans in the size I want to be
and then
I'd wear them in 2 months.
If I knew I could, I'd start a landscaping business and
work outside with plants and trees
and grass all day. 
I'd ride a mower and weedeat and prune and dig and plant.
If I knew I could, I'd get by with less sleep. 
I'd stay up late and get things done
around the house
or just read and write
and have quiet time,
if I knew I could function the next morning.
If I knew I could, I'd do it. 
Whatever IT is. 
There's something about the fear,
not simply of failing,
but of encountering difficulties
that keeps me in my spot. 
If I knew I could conquer that feeling, I would.

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  1. Love what you said about the ugly truth. It can really be beautiful when we get through it. So glad you joined in!

  2. Welcome to FMF! I loved reading your post! I feel that what you wrote is the inner heart cry of every woman. I especially love your line "Sometimes the ugly truth is beautiful is on the other side." SO TRUE! Beautifully worded :) Keep writing - be blessed!

  3. I love reading your posts~!!

  4. Coming over from 5 Minute others, I loved the line that "sometimes the ugly truth is beautiful on the other side." Oh to be more bold when it comes to speaking the truth. Great post:)

  5. Jennifer, I love this...can you tell me more about it??

  6. Thank you, ladies. I feel so welcome : ) Bobbie -- click on the "Five Minutes for Friday" button and it will take you to the host blog.

  7. Thanks for sharing girly!! I loved your list:) Especially the parts about running a landscaping business and working in the yard all day!! I love that part- made me laugh. But there is definitely something about being dirty all day and fiddling our fingers in the earth that sounds so relaxing and appealing :) Also I can relate- I so wish I could function on less sleep and be so productive- hehe :)


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