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March 25, 2010

It's good to be home after three nights at Children's last week.  Molly's Chiari Decompression went very well and she's on the mend.  We were all completely unprepared for the amount of pain she would experience afterward.  Since Sunday, she's been able to get by with Tylenol which is a very good thing!  At this point, I can't say that much is different in terms of the main symptoms she was having,  headache and dizziness, but her gag reflex is much better.  In fact, she's had to really slow down when she eats because swallowing is more difficult.  Her scar is about four inches long; most of it will be covered once her hair grows back.  Speaking of hair, the hospital staff saved her hair and gave it to us in a baggie.  I just thought that was the strangest thing and couldn't figure out why in the world they'd do that.  It's not like these were the sweet baby locks from her first trim!  Both Jamie and my friend Sara said that, at some point, a parent had probably pitched a fit because they didn't save them.  I tossed the baggie as soon as we got home. 

I missed the entire week of cheer clinic for 8th grade tryouts.  I think this was a good thing!  12 year old girls can create so much drama...  Anyway, I did make it home in time to pick Parker Jane up from tryouts on Thursday.  The girls (and mommas) had to wait an entire 24 hour period for the results.  The posting of The List is an entire blog post in itself!  PJB's hard work paid off and she made it!  She follows in the footsteps of great cheerleaders who have gone before her (me and Anna)...way before her.  I just laugh at this picture because the something created shadows above her eyes that look like little horns!

I'd been dying to get outside and dig in the dirt!  So, I did.  I planted some phlox in my rocks (that rhymes!) and some English Ivy from my parents' house in my top bed and on the "hill" as well as in the back where I hope it will grow up the ledge.  I need those roots to spread quickly and dig deep so we don't erode off the hillside.

 I finished Lilah's room this week!  I'm rather pleased with the way it turned out.  Now, if I can wrap up Molly's before we start Parker's on her birthday...

The shutters are "re-purposed" as I saved them from the dump pile at my grandma's house.

"His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me."  I thought this tied in nicely with the bird theme.

 The mirror is a garage sale find for $5 that I repainted.

Until next time!

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