Here We Go!

November 12, 2010

I opened the mailbox today to find my living donor packet of LOTS of information.  I guess I'm really going to do this!  Of course, this is a very big deal and I've done a lot of research.  It isn't very invasive (97% of the time the donor kidney is removed laproscopically) and I can live a fully functioning life with one kidney.  Of course the big question is,  "Can I die?  The statistic is 3 in 10,000 donors die as a result of the surgery; regular surgery risks apply.  That doesn't sound very risky to me.

I haven't posted this on Facebook as I'm currently taking a Facebook hiatus.  I also don't want to seem like I'm being prideful in any way and advertising this on Facebook could be taken that way.  I do, however, need to write about this, so my trusty blog will be that outlet.  I hope you gals (I don't really think any men read this!) will pray for me and for my family as we begin this process.  Mom and I have both decided it's in God's hands.  I'm willing and hopefully able, but ultimately we know He will orchestrate whatever comes to pass.  If there is any medical reason for me to not donate, we pray it will come to light in the extensive evaluation. 

Well, I have a lot reading to do!  I hope you're enjoying this rainy night.  It makes me think of the old ?Eddie Rabbit? song, "I Love a Rainy Night."  OOOH, OOOH!

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