Headaches, Hunger, and Happy

January 06, 2011

This morning I found myself scrambling for someone to cover my second period class between the time I needed to leave which was right now to the time my sub arrived.  Poor Molly found herself in the nurse's office crying with a headache that came on very suddenly.  She said, "It feels like something is flowing out of my brain."  OK.  Not your typical headache language.  Our wonderful school nurse checked her pupils and told me they were slow to react, so I called our doc who said go to the ER because we won't be able to do any tests here.  To make a really, really long story (maybe just the day has been long) short...  The ER doc ordered a CT; CT was negative; He told us to monitor them; If they get worse follow up with family doc.  Whew.  I was actually quite nervous and beside myself because this just seemed very weird.  And, in the back of my mind I kept thinking, "We were wrong to try chiropractic."  But, that didn't prove to have anything to do with it and, in fact, we will keep her chiro appointment scheduled for this afternoon.  She has perked up and is feeling just fine now. 

I'm hungry.  I'm also very pleased with myself.  I have not had one single nibble of an animal product, a sugar, white flour or a single slurp of any beverage containing caffeine since Monday.  This is the afternoon of day 4 and I don't have a headache.  I feel pretty good.  I know many other people across the country are also participating in a Daniel fast right now, so I feel like I'm not alone in this.  I've considered starting the year this way for a few years now.  2011 seemed like the year to just do it.  Not only do I want to draw closer to the Lord and seek His direction for this new year, I want to get my body as physically healthy as I can before the transplant.  Speaking of the transplant, my lab orders arrived today and I may not have any blood left after this next round. 

I needed another "H" word in the title...   I am happy, though.  Are you happy?  I really hope so.  My word of intent for 2011 is JOY and even though we're only 6 days in, I think that's the right word!

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