January 14, 2011

**This is a Blogging for Books review.

I first heard of Radical by David Platt this past fall. My pastor mentioned the book in a sermon and shared a video clip with us. I put the book on my to-read list that afternoon.

This clip gives the basic summary of the book in just over two minutes. No one can say Platt mis-titled his work. The ideas he puts in front of us on the page are radical. They are also convicting.

On the front cover of Radical is this phrase: "Taking back your faith from the American dream." Isn't the American dream what I'm supposed to have been working toward? Isn't the American dream what I'm supposed to steer my 10th grade students toward as a goal, as an incentive for them to work hard and try their best? Well, Platt would say, "No." And, he would be right.

As a new pastor of a mega church, Platt found himself having a difficult time reconciling what Jesus has called Christians to do with what we actually do. In the first pages of the book, he shares the two questions he found himself faced with:; "Was I going to believe Jesus? Was I going to obey Jesus"

This is not a book that one can skim through and quickly read. I found myself taking more time with these 217 pages than I'd spent with a book in a long while. His writing style is friendly enough, but fully comprehending what Platt is suggesting requires a close reading.

Not only were my eyes opened wide during my reading of Radical, my heart was, too. Platt's church has embraced his radical ideas and he shares with us stories about how members of his faith family have impacted the world for the sake of Christ.

I hope you'll get your hands on a copy of Radical and take the time to consider what's being said.

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