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February 09, 2011

Until this weekend, my home improvement projects were limited to painting and painting.  I've the itch to try some more serious stuff and, after watching lots of YouTube videos and talking to a good friend, I decided I could install laminate flooring in the living room.  I'm so proud of myself that I probably should pray that God would give me just a hint of humility when I talk about my new floor. 

First, I should mention that I will never have carpet again.  I am now on a mission to remove every inch of carpeting from our home.  All four of the bedrooms are carpeted but, if I have my way, that will be gone by this time next year.  I was completely shocked and disgusted the entire time I was ripping up the old carpet.  It was a big surprise to me that we were that nasty.  Keep in mind we've only been in our house a little over three years.  Three years looks a lot differently underneath a layer of carpet!  G.R.O.S.S.

Now, let me show you my new baby!

I am almost finished now; this pic was taken Monday night.  Let's just say I'm an English teacher, therefore, math is not my strong suit.  I need an additional box to finish the last row of full-sized planks and the 2-inch wide row that Jamie is going to have to cut for me with a really good saw he has at work.  I used our old Skill saw to cut my boards and I officially love power tools.
May I draw your attention to the pink nail polish on the door jamb?  That is some of Lilah's artistic expression found sporadically throughout our home.

May I also (very humbly, of course) point out to you my cutting for this corner piece?

I honestly don't know when I've been more pleased with myself!  This could become a side business for me -- I'm serious.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this whole process.

What I have not enjoyed is our crammed living conditions during this time.  I just shoved the living room furniture into the extra space in our kitchen/dining area and this is where we've watched TV and eaten for the past three days.  

I'm going to go ahead and move everything back today, crossing my fingers that doesn't mess up putting in the last row.  I really don't think it will.  I really don't care if it will!  I need to restore balance to my house!  It's another snow day here in Arkansas, so thankfully I have time to do this today.  We probably have 5 inches at our house right now and it is still coming down.  The roads and our driveway are still covered.  I don't think the sun is supposed to come out today, so that means we'll get to sled on our driveway.  Because we're south-facing, the sun clears it off really fast...not today, thought.  Today's weather makes me think we could have made it to school on those other snow days.  This is crazy.  And, we're forecasted to be in the 60s on Saturday.  You know what they say about Arkansas weather...

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