It is Well With My Soul

March 02, 2011

Sunday night at church our pastor taught a very encouraging lesson on contentment in all things.  He showed some clips from Mars Hill Church about the stories behind some of our favorite, classic hymns.  I was absolutely moved by each of them and I'll share this one with you, here.  Be prepared for goose bumps and possible tears as you watch this.

There are others posted on the Mars Hill Church website:
The Rebel's Guide to Joy

After church I sat for a minute with my dear friend, Angie.  Angie and I started teaching in our district the same year.  She's since moved to another school, but we have remained close.  She was sharing some news from her life and she said to me, "I know I can tell you anything because you're the only person I know who's been through as much stuff as we (meaning her family) have."  Of course, that sparked some thinking on my part.  I have been through quite a bit in my 37 years.  The first 16 or so were easy-breezy.  My rebellious heart, followed by rebellious actions are largely to blame for my "stuff."  I'm sure the right thinking would be for me to look back on those times and tell you I'd take it all back; I'd change it if I could.  I wouldn't.  Those times have changed me and grown me.  Those experiences are part of my story -- a story that tells of God's grace.

All would not "be well with my soul" if I hadn't been through the Refiner's fire.  God knew exactly what it would take to get my attention and He did.  I'm certainly not a woman who can point to my life and say, "Live like me; I'm a great example of a godly woman."  However, I can say, "Look at my life.  Let me tell you what I've walked through and let me tell you that He is faithful."

He is so faithful!

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  2. This is awesome! Thank you Jennifer!


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