5 Minute Friday

May 06, 2011

Remember this from last week?  You guys should play along : )  

Motherhood should come with...

Motherhood should come with patience -- abundant patience.  Motherhood should come with the patience to get a fresh towel to clean up the fresh spill, to repeat yourself until they hear, to read that story over and over and over. 

Motherhood should come with a timer.  A timer to go off just in time to remind us to do the next thing.  Or, to remind us that we've been doing the next thing far too long and it's time to move on.  Motherhood's timer should sense when we need a break -- alone or cuddled up with a kiddo -- and buzz appropriately.

Motherhood should come with soap and gloves and BandAids.  Motherhood should come with an innate ability to plan well and organize well.   Motherhood should also come with spontanaity and humor and smiles and laughter. 

The reality is, for me, motherhood has come with all this.  Motherhood didn't wrap it up with Baby #1 in a pink blanket.  Instead, motherhood has given me each of these as they've been needed.  Sometimes I've had to look for them because they are "hidden" gifts, but they're there.  The really awesome thing is that my motherhood gifts are still coming. 

*End of 5 minutes.  This prompt was difficult today! 

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  1. You captured motherhood well... and in 5 minutes, no less! I love that "motherhood didn't wrap it up with Baby #1 in a pink blanket." THanks for the encouragement that I am a work in progress too. :)

  2. Oh goodness, I could totally use that "motherhood timer"!


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