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September 12, 2011

I'm taking a few minutes before I start dinner to sit and catch my breath.  It's pretty warm today, but there's shade on the front deck.  I've pulled up a chair to prop my feet in front of me and I'm just enjoying Lilah who has been sitting beside me as she draws a picture. 

Two weeks from today, Lord willing, I'll be recovering in a hospital bed.  I don't know what to expect that first night.  This surgery is new territory for me.  My overnight hospital experiences, the surgical ones anyway, were predictable and always resulted in a new Battles.  This one may prove to be a little tougher than those C-sections and I'll be one organ less than I was going in!  I have much to get in order before the 26th.  I have lessons to plan ---

I cannot make this stuff up.  Lilah left the front, went to the back, came back to the front.
I had to free a baby kitten who was stuck between the deck footing and the rock
under the deck.  This required a pry bar and ripping up a plank of our back deck.
Why does my husband miss all the fun stuff?  Anyway, said kitten is free.
We have four -- any takers?

Back to what I was saying...  I have lessons to plan for a whole month.  I have a house to clean top and bottom.  I feel a little overwhelmed about what I need to accomplish in about a week and half's time.  It will get done.  It always does. 

Up to this point I haven't been nervous at all about the transplant.  I'm still more than ready to share one of my kidneys with my dad.  But, I guess the reality of what is about to happen is setting in.  So many of our friends and family are praying for us and I thank each one of you for lifting this situation up.  Please continue! 

Lest I be inclined to consume myself with thoughts about myself, let the gift counting continue...

280.  A cool, crisp morning -- hint of fall to come?

281.  Jamie's deep breathing and snoring as he sleeps -- relaxed!

282.  Candy corn -- my seasonal addiction -- Brach's only, please.

283.  Listening to an author talk about her craft

284.  The hope that maybe I could also call myself a writer someday

285.  A middle daughter's excitement on the first night to bring her school-issued clarinet home

286.  Driving with the windows down

287.  A few minutes to wait, alone, in the car

288.  Praise music up loud on Parker's iPhone as she gets ready in the morning

289.  A chance to view our school through a visitor's eyes -- Alma pride!

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  1. So much to be thankful for! And candy corn-yum! What an amazing thing you are doing for your dad! May God bless you and yours!

  2. What an amazing gift you are giving. How wonderful. Praying for you and your dad! #284... love it and I'm sure it will happen! Love windows down driving!


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