We Did It!

September 27, 2011

We did it -- yesterday Dad and I finally completed what we've been working toward since last December.  Right now, about 24 hours post-surgery, I feel great.  I'm very itchy thanks to the morphine and certainly tender in my abdomen, but overall I feel great.  Yesterday evening was a different story, but thankfully that's behind me now!

Dad is doing very well.  His new/used kidney started producing urine almost immediately.  Protocol requires him to spend some time in ICU simply because he needs a nurse available to check his stats very frequently.  I'll be walking down to see him later this afternoon.  Word has it he's been sitting up in the comfy chair in his room most of today.  (I'm still in bed!)  I have walked to the bathroom twice and I've eaten a little, just trying to take those baby steps toward a full recovery!

My husband has been amazing through this process.  I sent him to get some lunch and to stop by the Bass Pro Shop -- he was beginning to pace and climb the walls just a little.  He was understandably very nervous about this (mainly because he'd have to raise three girls alone and do all that work around the house!) and he really hadn't said too much about it.  Now that all is well he is very proud of me and just can't tell me enough!

I can't think of a better way to share some of what's happened than by continuing my gift list...

290.  Waking up after surgery to kisses on my forehead

291.  Lip balm

292.  Nurse's aides humming "Jesus Paid It All"

293.  Nurse's aides who sing "Jesus Paid It All" after I smiled and said, "Yes"

294.  Countless encouragining words

295.  My girls in the care of my sister and my Gram -- no worries there!

296.  Peeing on my own (TMI?  Sorry!  Big, big gift here!)

297.  Anti-nausea medicine, pain medicine, bladder spasm medicine

298.  Doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists

299.  Perking up and feeling more like myself

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  1. Glad to hear all went well! More prayers coming your way...


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