The Road to Recovery

July 12, 2012

The road to recovery is not so bad if you're Molly -- not this time anyway!  The surgery went wonderfully.  It took about three hours to complete and she spent a little over an hour in recovery.  Her pain was relatively easy to control and she slept most of yesterday afternoon and evening.  We both had a good night's sleep last night and were awake and ready for the day pretty early.

Molly has won everyone over up here.  She's a sweet and beautiful girl and the staff here is noticing.  By about 10:30 this morning, she was ready to put on some real clothes and brush her teeth, so she did.  It's amazing how much better a tank top and Soffe shorts made her feel!  We also ventured out and walked down to the gift shop (IV pole in tow) and sat outside for a few minutes.  She's on a clear liquid diet tonight, but if she can tolerate real food in the morning we'll get to go home.

Tonight our nurse will come in and show us how to flush through the stoma and clean the area.  I am so happy that the stoma was able to be placed in her belly button.  It's really not going to be noticeable and everyone has said that she will still be able to wear a two-piece bathing suit.  (That's important if you're Molly.  One-piece bathing suits just do not work on her.)  She has three other small incisions where the cameras went in, but they will not be too noticeable once they heal.  It will take us several weeks and maybe even months to get on a formula/regimen that works for her, but in the long run I think this was a great decision that will change Molly's life.

I have minimal phone reception up here, so I can't post some of the pictures I've taken.  Mom, Dad, Anna, and Lilah came to visit today.  Anna's got a cute baby bump and I'm just going crazy to hold that baby!  I probably won't ever get to, though, as the line I'll be standing in is pretty long.  : (  Good thing I'm not the kind of person who isn't afraid to "take heads" of somebody.  : )

I wasn't prepared for Lilah's screaming and clinging when it was time for them to go.  It's hard to rip your baby's legs from around your waist and hand her over in the elevator.  She had a lemonade and cookie sale at my parents' house last night and made $55.00!  It's easy to make money when your Mimi has good friends who tip well!  She only made $11.00 at the one she had at our house.  Our friends are still raising families and, therefore, mostly broke.  Ha!  Not really.  Jamie says she's a hustler.  She came home from church Sunday with $2.00 because a couple of friends didn't make it to the house to buy an actual cup of lemonade.  Some people just have a knack for making money!

The Wehunts also came by this evening.  Their son's surgery went well and he is doing exactly what his docs want him to do.  They're still here for the long haul, so remember them in your prayers. 

I suppose I should finish my reading for my Summer II class that I haven't actually been to yet.  I'm getting anxious about this one.  It's Action Research and I've not had much action yet!  Tonight's goal -- finish reading and narrow my topic.  Surely I can accomplish this!

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