A Beautiful Day!

March 31, 2013

Oh, what a wonderful Easter!  I had been looking so forward to today for several reasons, one of which was our church stepping out from tradition and holding a joint service with another local church in our town's farmer's market.  The old train depot was a great spot in the heart of our downtown area, an area that very much needs the light of Christ.  The praise and worship was led by a combined band and praise team and I am amazed at the talents God has blessed these local musicians with.  It was spirit-filled.  Several people who live in the apartments across the street opened their doors and stepped outside to to listen.  It was sweet. 

It was also standing room only.  Our youth had taken several rows and then moved to the side of the depot to allow some "older" folks and families to have seats.  Eventually PJB and her little group ended up backing Brent's truck up close and sitting in the bed of it.  At one point before that happened, I glanced over to the "wall" where they were perched.  Parker's dress jumped out at me and I snapped a quick picture.

We served a breakfast of donuts and sausage biscuits along with orange juice and milk to everyone who came.  It was so nice to visit a little bit as we took our seats. 
After church we went home and I finished up my part of our lunch while we waited on my parents to arrive from Sallisaw and Anna and her family to arrive from Bentonville.  This is the first Easter we've all gone to our respective churches and then met up afterward.  It worked out very well.  I suppose we've all found where we really want to worship and we like being with those communities on these special days.  It works!
Easter is the one Sunday a year (most years) that my husband attends church with us.  There was some question as to whether or not he might have to work, but the Lord answered my (and others) prayers and he was free all weekend.  This morning we didn't take any time to snap our formal-ish pictures, but I had to get one of the beard.  I love it!  He's just gonna keep letting it grow -- not Duck Dynasty style because that's just too much hair -- more like the Fast 'N Loud beards.  Cora liked Uncle Jamie's beard, too (probably because her daddy also has one!)  Jamie just really enjoyed her today.  She's big enough now that she doesn't scare him.  I wonder if he remembers he's had three babies...it's different when it belongs to someone else, I guess.
I tried to make things pretty for lunch...  I'm no Martha Stewart, but I am improving on my planning ahead and getting things ready.
Homemade strawberry cupcakes...  I was running out of time last night (up til midnight!), so Jamie made the Hello Dollies.  I didn't get a picture of them, but they were wonderful. 
I cut these Easter lilies from the vacant lot next door.  I couldn't help but wonder who planted these all those years ago.  Did she cut them for her Easter table, too?  I'm such a romantic it's ridiculous.
We ate on cheap plates this year... Throw away, no breakage.  We also used plastic cups and plastic silverware.  That's big for me.  I was raised to use real dishes...  No one seemed to mind, though ;)
We didn't do much posing for pictures this year.  We were busy!  But, I had to snap one of mom and dad.  Isn't he cute in his bow tie? I love these two.  Sometimes I look at kids in my class who seem to not have much of a chance at this point unless something changes in their home lives and I think, "What if they'd had Bennett and Linda for parents?"  Wow.  It's not really fair.
We hunted eggs and the girls racked up a pretty good chunk of change and some bills -- thank you, Mimi.  Our friends Bobbie and Kolby came for lunch and egg hunting since it was just the two of them at home today.  I was so glad to have them.  I love them like they're my own -- they are :)
Like the yard full of weeds?  Yeah.  It's going to be a while before I can really do much yard work.
This just struck me as funny.  We love anything Cora-related -- even changing her.  On my table.  Ha!  She had a pad under her :)  Anna looked adorable in her yellow dress and "statement" necklace.
Finally, here's my favorite photo in a long time.  I love these people more than anything. 
On a side note, I am getting serious about weight loss beginning tomorrow.  I've never been this heavy in my life.  It stinks.  I almost didn't share this picture on Facebook because of how I look.  Another side note:  I didn't wear flip-flops today.  These are my egg hunting shoes!
Anyway, I am going to follow the 17 Day Diet to break my addiction to sugar and carbs.  Surely I can do three 17 day cycles and stick with it.  I do not want to look like this in our vacation  photos.  Clearly, I've shifted the focus from a wonderful family holiday to myself.  Yay, pride! 
All in all, I am reflecting this evening on the blessings God has given me -- faith, family, and friends.  Wow!  Life is rarely perfect, but we have perfect days from time to time and Easter 2013 was one of them.  

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