June 22, 2013

I guess I'm a once-a-month blogger!  In the past month we've seen Parker off to Florida for Souled Out, the beginning of my summer graduate work, and our 20th anniversary trip to Mexico.  We've also read (well, I have), worked in the yard (well, I have), cleaned (well, I have), and promptly messed everything up again (well, we all have).  The girls have watched more TV than I'd like to admit, but they've also played in the driveway most evenings (the little girls, of course -- PJB has a pretty active social life), worked on riding a bike without training wheels (Lilah), been to the library, drawn and painted a gazillion pictures (Lilah), worked on their tans (big girls), been swimming some, stayed up late, and slept in late.  It's going to be heck to try to get our routine back on school hours come August.  Oh, well!  This is what summers with older kiddos are made of.  And, I love that they sleep in now.  All those years of rising between 6 and 6:30 and jumping into a day with active little people are behind me now!

Now let's talk about our trip.  We made it safely to and from Mexico without my husband being added to the no-fly list.  I could write an entire post on the absolute ridiculousness and overkill of TSA security checks, but I won't.  Let me just say that I cannot believe all those frequent business flyers stand for it.  Let's just walk through a metal detector and call it good enough.  There.

We have never both been away from our girls at the same time for this length of time before.  We spent five days/four nights in Puerto Vallarta and that really was the perfect length of time.  I became very worked up about leaving and being that far away, but I remembered that those crazy fears about everything that could go wrong were not put in my mind by the Father but by the   enemy. I'm learning that God doesn't reveal Himself and His plan to us through anxiety and worry.  Again, could say alot right here, but maybe that's for another time!  Anyway, I was able to relax and just live in those five days with my man in a beautiful setting.  Bedtime is always when my mama heart needs to know that everyone is in their place and settled, but I mustered through!

OK! Now let me share some pictures!  We chose a boutique hotel that had an all-inclusive option, but we opted against that.  Jamie wanted to really experience Mexico, not feel like we had to stay at some very Americanized resort the entire trip just to get our money's worth.  We both wanted to eat in different restaurants and spend time in town, so Villa Premiere was perfect.  It was situated on the beach -- every room has an ocean view -- but backed up to town.  We were about a five minute walk to the Malecon which is a strip along the beach full of shops and restaurants and some cool art.  I wish we'd kept a pedometer on us just to gauge how much we walked.  Whew!  We 'bout wore out our flip-flops. 

View from our room on the 6th floor

Poolside :)

The street vendors were allowed on the beach in front of our hotel... I wasn't crazy about that.

We watched this couple having their pictures made and really made more fun of them than we should have.  Shame on us.

The lobby -- no doors on anything really -- that was cool. 
I'll not post the photos of our room, but it was really nice.  My husband compares everything to his industry standard -- the Hampton Inn.  He said it was comparable.  I would agree in terms of the physical room, but we had extras like robes and slippers, turn-down service,  and an oceanfront balcony and seating area.  When we checked in we were given a pillow menu to select the firmness we'd like, an aromatherapy menu to select the scent we'd like in our room (mint -- stress relief and sinus opener -- I loved it and I want to figure out how to do that at home), champagne, and a five minute head, neck, and shoulder massage.  The level of service was unbelievable.  I wish people around here would wait on me like everyone did on our vacation.  I could become accustomed to that way of life!

The first evening we strolled along the Malecon.  Jamie was all about indulging in some authentic Mexican food while we were there and we found some taco shops that had the pastor pork roasting out front.  Yum.  Cheap.  Spicy.  Everything my man likes in food.  We ate there three times and enjoyed every bite.  Again, the street vendors were a little overwhelming along our walks.

That's all for now.  I've got to get my act together and head to my parents' house.  Cora is going to be there :) 

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