Sweet Sixteen Trip

July 13, 2013


Parker Jane turned 16 in May, and her gift was a trip and tickets to see Dave Matthews Band in St. Louis.  She had really wanted to see them in May in Dallas, but the end of the school year is so busy and we told her that wouldn't work and was off the table.  Well, she was big time surprised to open her gift and see that Mom and Dad came through. 

Originally, Jamie and I were going to take her along with one of her best friends.  Well, plans change and Jamie ended up staying here to work and take care of the little girls (Dad is back in the hospital), and I asked my old and very dear friend to join us.  Then, at eleven o'clock the night before we were to leave, PJB's friend had to cancel as she was now grounded (so is Parker based on the information I received and the information she herself gave us, but since it was her birthday present, she got to go -- without a replacement friend).  Can I just say that raising teenagers is not for the weak?  That's all I'll say here, but check out Isaiah 40:30.  I'd been in that passage for about a week (I've been asked to share at a women's evening at my church), and it really was so timely.  Young men (and women) do stumble and fall.  I think we've probably erred on the side of grace in this situation, but we're OK with that. 

Because of this change in plans, in our trip started off a little rocky.  Parker cried a lot of the way, but I am so glad that Brandy was with us.  She helped us break the ice when we stopped for lunch and let's just say the Lebanon, MO Dairy Queen got an earful as they watched our teary-eyed table just put everything on the table.  Oh well!  We'll never see those people again.  After that we all felt better and we made it to St. Louis (Maryland Heights, really) in time to change, grab a quick bite, and get to the show.

I forgot how much I love going to shows and it was really cool to be able to experience Parker's first big concert with her.  After we'd been through the merch line and bought t-shirts, gone to the restroom, and found our seats she said, "I love it here.  I love these people!"  Yes, I'm sure you do -- you fit in this scene.  I wish we had the money to catch some more shows this summer, but after a trip to Mexico and my husband's new purchase (another Harley), we're tapped. 

Let me just add real quickly that Grace Potter has a new fan.  Unbelievable.  She is a showstopper (even though she opened!).  She's been in Fort Smith several times and I'm so sad that we've missed her.  She was great and DMB was amazing and I really am so glad we did this for PJB's birthday.
Sitting in our seats between Grace and Dave

Getting ready to get out of the car and head into the show!  I look more than a little deranged here.
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
What's cool is that Brandy was there when PJB was born, and then she's here to share this good time :)
Tried to get a good pic of the lawn and those folks.  Amphitheaters are the best places for summer music.

I think this was "Crash" which I really wasn't expecting to be played.  I would've like there to be more songs from the first two albums because those were my Dave Days, but the new stuff is good, too, and the young guy next to me knew every word ;)

We also went to City Museum the next day which is a super cool place that I'm looking forward to taking the other girls (and my husband!) to.  They sell knee pads in the gift shop and I have a bruise on my shoulder.  That should give you some indication of how interactive it is!  I'll post some more about it next time!
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  It's winding down and I haven't even acted like my Summer II classes started Monday.  Oops!  Lots to do, lots to do.

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  1. Glad the trip went well - even if a little off plan.


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