Gentle Reminders

August 01, 2014

Here's a thing about me that, I'm certain, reveals serious flaws in not only my character but my spirit as well. I just don't really find myself touched or moved or inspired by random bible verses that appear as I'm scrolling through the feeds of my social media pages. I just don't. I suppose that explains why I rarely share scripture this way. I'm kind of big on context and relationship, two super important things that are often difficult to gauge on Facebook and Twitter. So there's that. (Oh, and the fact that I feel much the same way about Conservative political posts. Seriously.)

There's also this situation that I'm just done with. Or, that I'd like to be done with. It's not really my problem although it becomes my problem indirectly. I'm weary of it. It doesn't necessarily matter what it is -- many of you can relate because you, too, have a situation that fits this bill. All day Wednesday I was gathering resolve, stewing in all the feelings, and going through the what-ifs in my mind. I stayed busy (no children were neglected in my bout of resolving and stewing), even braving the mall and dealing with an almost-8-year-old's meltdown over Our Generation toys in Target and her own "MONEY I EARNED!" By the time the day's dust settled and I settled myself into a chair, I was beat. Ready to lose some time, I opened Facebook and scrolled along. I read a blog post that had been shared by a friend about believing teachers When I reached the part where she shared the love passage from Ruth, I began to feel a little peace, an almost literal softening of my heart. I actually ended up sharing that section on Facebook, wondering if someone else needed the same comfort those words were bringing me. 

Then I opened Twitter. I wish I had taken screen shots of the three or four verses and truths that were showing up in my feed and hitting me right in the heart. It was a total reminder that His ways are higher than mine. All my resolve, all my determination to either shape this thing up or ditch it altogether crumbled. And, as if the thirty minutes all this came together in was not enough, I opened a book I hadn't really delved into yet, and, boom. Again. Coincidence? No. A gentle reminder that my Saviour loves me and cares about me and this situation. I know how I am to respond. It makes absolutely no sense, except in the spiritual realm. That does not make it any easier, not really, but it does bring a measure of peace that I so need if I'm to stay the course and see this play out.

Whew. Reflection wears me out. So, let's lighten things with a picture or two. Parker and some girlfriends had a photo shoot together Sunday afternoon. Another girl in their class shot the pictures and I'm so pleased with them. 

Whew. This wears me out, too. A senior. 

And, another view from my front deck. I know y'all must get tired of these. This is one of my favorite spots in all the world. 

I hope this first day of August finds you in the best of places, but on the chance that you aren't, know you've been in good company this week.

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