So, I Was Going to Start Blogging...

December 07, 2009

And time has just gotten away from me. I'm just going to test this and see if I am able to actually post pictures in my post. Once I master that...get ready! The blog is on ;)

OK, I wanted the pic BELOW what I just typed. By the way, isn't that a sweet picture? On days like Friday when I really was struggling with this man, I can look at this pic and remind myself that, yes, we really do love each other.

Now, if this works, underneath HERE you will see a pic of me with the big girls looking at little girl who really wasn't very cooperative at our family photo shoot.

Darn! It didn't work.

Well, this time it did! Woo Hoo!

This picture warms my heart. My family is truly my rock, my legacy, my future. I love each one of them so dearly and am thankful beyond measure for the blessing God has given me.

Blogging is going to be such fun!

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