We Weren't Dreaming -- White Christmas 2009

December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009 was one of the best our family has had!  A major snow storm was predicted for the midwest and we weren't entirely sure it was actually going to make it to Arkansas but, lo and behold, it did.  My mom and I were a little nervous that snow might equal their not getting to our house Christmas morning, so we decided that my family would come and spend the night.  It was the first time in many years that we've all woken up together Christmas morning.

Before the dawn of the actual day itself, Mom, Gram, and Anna came to our house to partake in a little candy making.  Gram had already made her famous turtles, but she saved the peanut butter balls for us.  I worked on cutting out and baking cookies (with a little help from Lilah) and everyone else worked on candy.



I hope we made some memories that my girls will treasure forever!  I really need something on that wall behind us...

Finally, after waiting forever (with three little girls in the house...believe me... it seemed like forever), Christmas Eve arrived!  Everyone arrived well before dinner and well before snow.  We snacked and played and visited and just enjoyed each other.

This was our first year to sprinkle Reindeer Feed on the lawn (pre-snow).


Everyone went to bed pretty early Christmas Eve...too much fun will do that to ya.  And, sometime during the night, to quote Lilah, "Santa came to town!"  Our girls must have been pretty good this year because they got everything on their lists...that Santa!  We had a wonderful day!

You can see I am not one of those moms who makes sure everyone has new Christmas jammies!  I did that back with Girl #1 and Girl #2...poor Girl #3 : (  A t-shirt and sleep pants works just fine!





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