January 15, 2010

Woo Hoo!  Tomorrow is Saturday!  I have needed a Saturday all week.  Unfortunately, last Saturday I got ZERO housework done.  I opted to go wedding dress shopping with my sister!  It was great; she found THE dress; it was nice to get out with just the grown-up women in my family.  Sunday, still no work to be done.  The girls and I traveled to my hometown to celebrate my dad's birthday by going to church with my family and lunching at my parents' house.  Then, I came home, watched a DVRd episode of Bridezillas that I couldn't finish the night before because I was soooo sleeeeeppyyyy.  Did you see Karen?  I know I caught it on the re-run.  Let me tell you, this person is an example of a strong will left unchecked.  (I am only slightly worried that Girl 3 may turn out like this.)


Oh, hubby and I finished off this busy weekend by going to dinner at Wiederkehr's Weinkeller Restaurant.  Wiederkher's is a local winery.  We were invited to a January Birthday Celebration that some friends of ours started doing a while back.  We enjoyed DELISH food and good company.  A Sunday night dinner out is a rarity at our house.  I was really so glad we went.

So, now, I have a lot to catch up on.  This week was super busy with my own classes and after-school meetings for Girl 1 to work on her History Day documentary and church on Wednesday night.  We are, sadly, retrieving clean socks, underwear, and pajamas from the kitchen table.  I know; I know!  We also didn't eat well because I never actually made out a menu plan for the week.  I know; I know!  Anyway, this week I will do better.  I have to do better.  I.  MUST.  DO.  BETTER.

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