Joy Comes in the Morning : )

May 01, 2010

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed!  And, I read my post from last night and rolled my eyes at myself for indulging my whiny, woe-is-me attitude.  The truth is, I did feel hurt, neglected, and left out which is just an example of the self-centeredness I display sometimes.  No one meant to make me feel any of those emotions.  I also think I didn't explain myself well.  I love the roles I fill in my life.  I wouldn't trade any of them (well, maybe working outside the home!).  My point, had I actually made one, was that I can't pick up and do something I might want to do just because I want to do it -- not alone anyway.  I will always have at least one kiddo in tow, maybe 2 or 3 which prevents me from participating in "stuff".  Again, you see this running theme of self-centeredness?  Last night, laying in bed, I prayed about it (for real this time, not trying to hold on to my ugly attitude) and I feel a release from that ugly spirit today.

So, it's 7:09 on May 1st!  I've been awake since 6:15 when Jamie woke up to get ready for work.  He's looking at another 60 hour week...actually, he doesn't really seem to even have "weeks" anymore.  He just has a continuous cycle of day after day after day after day.  Jamie would rather be working like this than not at all.  We have been down the unemployment road twice during this economic crisis...  I am thankful that my husband isn't scared of hard work and that he has work to do!  There's no rest for the weary around here.  In fact, today's plan is this:

1.  Call PJB at 8:00 and wake her up.  We've got to get to Gram's this morning so she can mow today.  I'm sure Gram is about to try to fire up that lawnmower herself.  She can't stand to see that grass get a little high.

2.  Wake up the little girls.  This is going to go against every normal instinct I have!  A sleeping Lilah is one of my favorite things. 

3.  Shower, breakfast, get some laundry going, straighten up here a little bit, and get the girls ready.

4.  Pick up PJB at her friend's house on the way to Sallisaw.

5.  Visit with Gram and probably Mom while we watch Parker mow : )

6.  Head home by way of Home Depot, Target, and Old Navy.  Parker's money is burning a hole in her pocket.  Let me sideline a second here and tell you how this job thing is working out for her.  She's making about $25 an hour!  My sweet Gram pays her $50 for mowing and weedeating.  Gram's yard is not that big, therefore, PJB is making good money.  Now, PJB wants to spend this good money.  As her mom, I need to help her make good choices about spending this money.  I do not think $68 for a pair of Miss Me shorts is a good choice.  I think $68 will go much further at Old Navy (30% store-wide and online today and tomorrow) and Target.  I think we should avoid the mall.  I hate malls anymore.  I also think that PJB needs to contribute something toward her cheer expenses.  I think $10 every time she mows is reasonable.  I think some people are rolling their eyes at me right now, but I want her to learn about financial responsibility and stretching a dollar.

7.  Arrive home and pick up this place some more.  I won't have to do deep cleaning today because Darla will come Wednesday.  She comes every other week and it is so nice.  Sadly, I have to give her up in the summer since I'll be home...

8.  Dinner...add grocery store/WalMart to #6.

9.  Chill for the rest of the evening with mi familia!  Maybe Jamie and I will attempt to watch a movie again, but he will probably conk out once he sits down. 

So, there you go.  A Saturday in the life of Jen : )

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