Cloudy Day, Cloudy Mood...

April 30, 2010

I hate feeling this way!  My attitude, mood -- whatever you want to call it -- has been horrible this week!  If I'm going to be honest, I know why and I'm really pretty embarrassed that I'm so petty.  The bottom line is it has just been the worst week (and a half!) of the month (of the year!) in terms of me wearing my feelings right on my sleeve.  My feelings were hurt over something that I'm sure wasn't intended to hurt me, but it did.  It's funny how you can not even realize you are missing out on something until someone says you are or you did.  Hmmm.

This season of my life stretches me pretty thin sometimes.  This season is for taking care of and loving a husband, raising three children, managing a home, and performing at my job.  Some of these roles will always be in my life; others will change or fade away.  I'm trying so hard not to have a little pity party, here!  I have been on the verge of tears several times this week and maybe I just need to go ahead and sit outside by myself and have my cry.  Maybe I just need to go to Target (by myself or with another adult female) and buy a few things from the Liberty of London collection.  Maybe the 5 for $10 perennials sale at Home Depot will help.  Regardless, I'm headed in both of those directions tomorrow!  I'm ready to resume my normal attitude!  Mind over matter!  Press on and finish the race!

Just so you won't think it's pure misery around here, I'll share a little funny with you.  Jamie, Molly, Lilah, and I went to dinner tonight and then ran to WalMart.  My man is the cheapest most frugal guy ever.  He was browsing while the girls and I waited at the pharmacy and he found this amazing bargain...

That's right!  He found these sexy pajamas for $2.00!!!

If he ever actually puts on this whole get-up, I will know it's all downhill from there.  But, if he just wears the pants, then I'd say he got a pretty good deal!

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