June 25, 2010

This week my big girls have each met a sort-of milestone!  

1.  I came in from mowing the other night and PJB was on the computer -- no big deal -- but the fact that her wallet was out caught my eye.  

"Did you just order something online?"  

"Yes : )"  (she smiled)

"What and how?"  (the child has no debit or credit cards and, aside from the time in 4th grade when she bought a few "free" (.99 each) songs on iTunes for her iPod, her online shopping has been nonexistent.)

"With my gift card I had left.  I bought lip gloss : )  They didn't even charge me for shipping."  




So, I'm very proud of my little online shopper who used her $5.87 balance remaining on a birthday gift card to buy a $5.00 lip gloss (plus .47 for tax).  This is a skill she's going to need later in life!

2.  My Molly went into Harp's by herself and purchased a 2 liter of Pepsi for me.  By herself.  This is huge for this child.  Parker started running into the store for me when she was about 7, but she's Miss Independent.  It took a lot of coaching before Molly would do it.  She even shed a few nervous tears, but Lilah was conked out and there was no way I was waking her up for a Pepsi -- Molly was the one who wanted it by the way!  Anyway, she's the one I have to push and the smile on her face when she came out was great.  She was very proud of herself!  

3.  This isn't a milestone.  Rather it is a reminder to me to continue to check the oven before preheating.  Today's odor was odd.  Evidently, SOMEONE had poured dishwasher detergent in the oven.  Hmmm.  

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