June 23rd

June 23, 2010

Sadly, I've realized this week that summer vacation is almost half over.  July 4th is right around the corner and after that it's just downhill.  I feel like I've been running since we've been out of school.  Next week we have NO PLANS!  No appointments!  No camps!  No nothing!  I am ready.  It's just the little things that are sort of driving me nuts right now -- leave for this 30 minute lesson or appointment, then there's another 45 minute thing, then it's drop a kid here, pick a kid up there...  I really think I'm going to be happy when PJB can drive!

Lilah is taking her first swimming lessons this week.  She loves water; all our girls love water.  None of them have ever been frightened or nervous around it, so it's essential that they learn to swim well.  She's taking from a former student of mine and is having a good time.  The first day, I was kind of concerned because Lilah just wanted to be let go.  She came around,though, and did what Courtney told her to do.  Tuesday morning she was ready to go at 8:45!   This first year it's basically learning to kick and to use your arms.  

Getting started!  

 Lilah told Molly, "She pushes my head under the water!"

Jumping in and swimming back to the side is her favorite part!

I've been staying busy around the house, too.  Last week I borrowed a friend's pressure washer and washed everything in sight!  Almost.  If I thought I could bring it inside and not damage anything, I would have washed my tile and grout.  Jamie is on notice that I want a pressure washer for Christmas.  Seriously.  I washed both decks, the siding, some of the rock, the garage, the upper part of the driveway, and the sidewalk.  I don't cringe now if one of the girls walks into the garage barefoot.
Since the decks are nice and clean (and believe me, they were dirty!), I've started sealing/staining them.  Home Depot is overwhelming sometimes, but I managed to decide on a 5 year sealer with UV protection that is tintable.  I went with "Walnut" and I love the dark stain with our house.  It just pops!

 I did that little section last night in the dark.  Today I worked on another two sections of railing before I thought I was dangerously close to stroking out and came inside.  I have lights ready to be hung after I'm finished -- then I just need new outside furniture!  Oh, Jamie!!!  He did end up with a new-to-us  (2008) truck, so maybe he'll feel a little generous toward me.   It's the nicest thing we've ever had and I'm so glad that Jamie is able to have it.  He works his bootie off for us and he needs a treat!

So this is our week thus far.  Hope you're enjoying the triple digit weather!

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