All Over the Place!

July 12, 2010

My emotions are just all over the place lately.  We've had some bad news; we've had some praises; we've had some just "good feelings" lately.  So, do you want the bad news first or the good news?  I generally choose bad first because then you're left, hopefully, with some optimism at the end.

One of my dearest friends lost her father-in-law early this morning.  It was expected, but it still is difficult.  She and her family live right next door to her in-laws, so they've been a key part in his care the last year or so.  Her kiddos came over and spent some time with us this afternoon while the adults made arrangements and we all had a pretty good time together.  It was nice to see the Wii get some use again.  This family also happens to live on my route into town and for the past few days the driveway and even the yard has been full of cars -- full of loving family members who wanted some time with their dad, uncle, or grandfather while he was there.  That said so much to me.  I hope my driveway is full when my time comes.

I also got the news that Lilah's sitter has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  At this point the doctors are waiting on CT results to determine where or if it has spread.  Evidently this type of cancer is different from typical breast cancer because instead of spreading from one breast to the other, it spreads into the vital organs.  Please pray for Rebecca and that the cancer is contained in the left breast.  Her surgery is scheduled for the end of July and she still thinks she is keeping our children when school starts!  She's tough and, if anyone can, she can.

Now, let's change the mood and let me share some really positive, praiseworthy things that have happened of late.  Jamie bought his new truck a few weeks ago and within the first few days the check engine light was coming on and the a/c was shutting down.  Oh.  Not good.  It's a good thing the episode with his teeth was going on so he didn't go commit some sort of assault and battery on someone.  It ended up being only the thermostat and he had it replaced and now all is well.  Whew!  An easy and inexpensive fix is what I prayed for and that's exactly what it turned out to be.  Thank You!

I had a great Saturday!  Mom and I went to Fayetteville to meet Anna and two of her other bridesmaids (the 4th is in Florida) to shop for dresses.  Anna's idea was that we'd all wear the same color and length (short), but we'd pick our style.  What a great plan because you have me -- short, chubby, Jeana -- tall, thin, supermodelish, Katie -- will be 4 weeks from her due date at the wedding, and Amber -- very fit.  I LOVE the dress I picked out : )  Now, we have to get the little girls outfitted...  We ate lunch together and had some great conversation and a few laughs.  I haven't had a day with adult women in forever.  I may just do it again sometime!  Saturday night we had chicken nachos at home, then Jamie took us for a ride and we went to the car wash.  Big fun!  It really was a nice time.  I love driving around.  Molly doesn't : ( 

Sunday the girls and I had a nice time visiting a different church and then we were off to Gram's so Parker could mow.  She finally got it finished (I hope she's not fired...she doesn't have a strong sense of urgency).   We visited and then it was home where I made a from-scratch chocolate cake with from-scratch chocolate frosting that is divine (according to my family members as I do not like chocolate cake with chocolate frosting).  I helped Parker finish packing for choir camp this week and then finally wound down about 12:30.  Our summer routine is so wild.  I dread trying to get back on school time.

So, today it was simply good-bye to PJB until Saturday and then hanging around the house with kids.  I may try to get out and weed-eat a little.  I need to finish staining the front deck.  I need to finish the flower bed over the ledge.  Time is running short for summer projects!  I start back in less than a month! 

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