Heaven Help Us!

July 06, 2010

Oh. My. Goodness.  Jamie had his wisdom teeth extracted Friday and it has pretty much been a nightmare.  The week before he had gone in with pain and swelling and, we found out, serious infection due to the impacted teeth.  My man can tolerate pain.  He has cut his wrist very deeply (looks like a botched suicide attempt now), come pretty close to cutting to the bone of a few fingers, dealt with 400+ pound metal items dropped on his feet, has seriously smashed several fingers, and experienced a jellyfish sting.  I promise you that after this he will never have another medical procedure.  According to him, "If I have a tumor; it can grow.  If I develop cataracts; I'll go blind.  This is it." Sort of makes me wish I'd gotten him in for a vasectomy first :/  He told me that's out of the question now. 

It really has been awful.  The oral surgeon came in to meet him today after we called last night.  He had said Jamie would have a longer than average recovery due to the difficulty of getting his teeth out.  I pray that he's going to be on the mend soon.  He's going to try to work tonight...  It is such a terrible feeling to be on this side of someone's pain and not be able to do anything for them. 

Thankfully, my family "divided and conquered" the girls Friday and Saturday nights.  Lilah took more conquering than normal as she ended up with 2 spankings before it was all said and done.  You know someone has been ugly, ugly, ugly when my 80 year old Gram yanks their little arm and busts that bottom.  Poor thing : (  Mom said she was really quite a lot better after that episode!

Anna, Rawlon, and Maddy went to Mom and Dad's for dinner Saturday night, then they all trekked to Fort Smith for fireworks.  Jamie and I missed it, but he felt (or maybe was medicated) well enough to shoot off some of our own Sunday night.  I didn't get any pictures of our little celebration, but Anna took a good one of the girls Saturday night.  PJB put her "picnik" touch on it...

Next year we will really celebrate!  I may celebrate tomorrow if my man quits hurting so badly!  Hope you're pain-free today.

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