July 30, 2010

Do you ever just have one of those days when you think, "Life is SO good!?"  Today was like that for me.  It started early when Jamie and I were still in bed.  (Lilah had climbed in with us as she usually does, so this will stay G-rated.)  It's sort of a joke that I like him to pay attention to me while I sleep which means cuddle, snuggle, that sort of thing.  He hasn't done a lot of that lately.  I'm sure it's because this 2nd shift schedule just has our normal sleep patterns messed up, which it does.  But for some reason today he did : ) 

A little before noon we decided we needed to hit a swimming hole.  We (all of us) love hitting the creek in the summertime, but this summer we have not done much of that at all.  We loaded up in Jamie's truck (all 5 us, totally breaking seatbelt laws everywhere) and headed up Hwy 215 to Blue Hole.  I so prefer going to any creek or swimming hole on a weekday if we can -- the weekends are really crowded.  Today there was only one other group of people there and they were all concentrated on one end, so we had the other completely to ourselves.  I wish we'd been able to stay longer!  Sometimes I forget how beautiful Arkansas is until we get up in the mountains.  I love this state!

Wouldn't it be amazing if this was your back yard?  You can see my people bobbing around out there.  The water was so refreshing!  This time of year pools are more like hot tubs, but this water was so nice and cool.  There's just something about fresh, moving water as opposed to stagnant, chlorinated water...

Lilah loves jumping in from the rocks.  She had a little problem with the algae, though!  I think we had as much fun crammed in the cab of the truck and listening to the girls sing every song that came on the radio.  We almost ran into Bambi, but Jamie's quick reflexes spared him!

Switching gears...

I stayed up very late last night finishing So Long Insecurity and I think maybe I'm more insecure than I thought!  I sort of wish I'd just left that book on the shelf.  Seriously, it got better in the second half.  I had this story all prepared to share about running into an old friend at the water park a few weeks ago and thinking to myself, "I'm glad Jamie already left."  She looks better than she did when we worked together 15 years ago.  I, sadly, do not.  It pains me to put on a bathing suit.  That may be why I've only purchased two in the last 10 years.  I can't even stand trying them on!  Anyway, she called me over and we visited for a while -- her in a gorgeous bikini with a great tan, great nails, and Chanel (knock-off probably, hopefully) sunglasses and me in my standard black tankini with a skirted bottom (so, so, sad...), freckled legs, WalMart sunglasses, and no nails because I have worked my fingers to the stinkin' bone this summer!  (I don't get my nails done anyway; who has the time?)  I really did feel ugly.  But, in thinking about insecurity, I recall that this gal has had several bad romances beginning with a teen pregnancy.  I'm sure she has her insecurities and I have mine.  We had a good time catching up and I'm glad I ran into her. 

Hang on, one more gear switch...

My sister's engagement photos are amazing!  You should check out Landers Green Photography on the web or on Facebook.  BEAUTIFUL!  Oh, here's one with Ruby...

Love it!  They will also be photographing the wedding, so I know I'll have beautiful shots to share with you in October. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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