August 06, 2010

17 years ago tomorrow, at the tender age of 19, Jamie and I took our vows and and entered into this crazy life we have together.  I just don't really know what to say except, "Praise God" for this anniversary! 

This is our engagement photo...Do you love the denim or what?  The early 90s were an amazing time in the history of fashion (and hair).

Our wedding was very small; I think intimate would be the word I'd use.  I have always thought, though, that it was perfect for us and I can't imagine having taken our vows in front of hundreds of people.  It was such a personal thing for us both and I really wasn't prepared for the emotion I would feel at that moment. 

It hasn't been easy.  I'll just step up on my little soapbox here and say that I think people (in general) give up too easily when relationships get hard.  One thing I am certain of is that I am a better wife than I was 17, 16, 15....5 years ago.  Looking back I just cringe at the selfish little girl who threw fits and pouted her way along for a few years.  And, Jamie is a better husband.  When you marry as young as we did, you sort of grow up together.  The odds were against us, and there are days I think maybe they still are, but we've made it this far.

The biggest blessings and surprises and joys in my adult life have occurred because 17 years ago I made a commitment to love my man "for better or for worse."  We've seen better...and we've seen worse...and I'm sure we'll see both of those extremes again in the years to come.  I pray that God sends us more of the better

This last picture is probably my favorite.  I would caption this "Off and Running."  That's how we did it; we just took off!  17 years later we're still running.  Every so often we have to get new running shoes because the old ones wear out, but we're still running.  Maybe we'll settle down to a jog in the years after our girls are grown and then maybe we can walk for a while sometime after that.

You'll never read this, but I love you, Jamie.  I love you more today than I thought possible that Saturday afternoon in August, 17 years ago.  "Olive juice!"

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