Celebrating 4 Years of Lilah Grace

August 29, 2010

I don't know where the time has gone!  Tomorrow, our baby (our hey-I-guess-we-weren't-quite-finished...surprise!-baby) turns 4.  We celebrated yesterday with a family party.  Her big gift was a swing set and I'm pretty sure we're getting our money's worth out of this one!  First of all, we found it on clearance in another town's Wal-Mart for $75.  (By the way, I was really very glad we went with the small, simple swing set by about 30 minutes and four ugly words into the assembly.  Anything more would still be in pieces in the driveway.)  Second, she has been on it literally nonstop.  I've had to drag her in; Molly had to trick her to get her to come in with her.  I love it, though.  I'd forgotten how much fun swinging in your own yard is.  The big girls had one many moons ago, but we'd long gotten rid of it by the time Lilah was even thought of.

I love parties at home.  I love seeing all the people I love gathered in my house to celebrate whatever occasion we've gotten together for.

I love that my mom started a tradition with PJB of putting one dollar bill for each year in the girls' birthday cards.  Usually there's a lottery ticket, too...  Not this year -- Mom?  Lilah was more excited over the 4 single bills than the 1 $20 bill : )  But, she did like the $50 check.

Small and simple is the way to go!  You can't really tell from this picture, but we've set it up in a really nice part of the side yard where it's shaded most of the day.  The wet weather creek is down the ravine and it's really peaceful.  Now we need to add a jumpoline (Lilah's word) and I think the girls have decided they'd like to do another "joint" big gift this Christmas...so, I guess maybe we'll be jumping this winter.

This is a great picture of my mom.  Lilah's hair was looking cute pinned back to one side in a shiny rhinestone bobby pin we stole borrowed from Parker.  She was playing too hard to keep it pretty.  It's basically all one length since her last haircut and it is looking so much thicker!  Yay!  I love bobs on little girls.  I do not love the  Cousin It look on little girls.

It occurred to me that Lilah has not yet had a party that involved her little friends.  And this thought has just reminded me at 9:43 p.m. that I did not purchase any treats for her to take to Becca's tomorrow.  Thankful for 1st period conference?  Tomorrow, yes.

I'm tired now, so I think I'll post my sweet Lilah reflections tomorrow on her actual birthday.  Jamie left again for a week away after having put in a 13 hour day today which makes his weekly total around 81 hours.  This is getting kind of ridiculous.  I'm praying for rest tonight and as pleasant a week as he can get.

Hope your Monday is lovely!

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