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September 01, 2010

I never got around to posting my reflections on sweet Lilah...  I'm afraid that moment may have come and gone.  She tries me, this child.  We (Lilah and I) are going to have to really work on being patient.  This little girl with the sweet smile was too loud for a football game last night when she threw her little fit about getting a Coke.  Strong-willed children are difficult, but I believe that if we can get her to use her power for good...  Well, I can hope!

PJB's first game was great.  The cheerleaders looked good and they're developing some solid skills.  They're sticking with simple stunting right now -- only one group has an extension -- but, they'll be moving on to more exciting things in no time.

Parker was so nervous that her group would drop their flyer!  They didn't.  I'm glad.  Falls in cheerleading are such drama launchers.

The girls were very spirited.  We should have our spirit squad in place at the next home game and that really creates a fun environment for everyone.  There's not a band, so the girls sing the fight song as they do the routine.  Last night we saw (and heard) it several times because the Pups dominated the Hillbillies -- 18 to 0 (I think).

Poor Molly seems to be MIA in my posts lately.  She's still hanging around!  I think she's pretty excited about having her friend spend the night Friday night and having the house to themselves.  PJB has plans to spend the night away and Lilah will be at my parents since I'm working the gate at Friday night's game.  Jamie's been working like a crazy man, so I can't really count on him to be here to take care of Lilah.  It's so much easier for me to make plans like this and that way there aren't any last minute changes or emergencies which create havoc all the way around.  I'm so thankful that my parents keep my girls like they do.  When I was expecting PJB, the first thing Mom said to me after she'd had time to process the whole thing was, "I can't wait to have this baby all by myself."  And she did.  She and Dad just took her from us!  A lot! 

The wedding date is getting closer and closer!  We're all getting excited around here.  September is full of showers for Anna.  I still have to find shoes for all of us.  Maybe I should get going on that.  On a positive note, I've lost 6 pounds since the first day of school two weeks ago. Yay!  These 6 are pretty much the ones I put on over the summer, but I'm hoping I can keep the momentum going and take off quite a bit.  I'm the heaviest I've ever been and it's pretty gross.  I nearly cried when school picture proofs came in.  I can do this, though. 


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  1. You should have seen my picture proof if you felt bad about yours. I had hoped it wouldn't really look like I was a whale - sadly, you could tell.

  2. Ummm, you're 30 weeks PG... I am, like, -48 months PG. : ( And you aren't whale-ish; you look great!


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