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August 09, 2010

Today was my first day of school for the 2010-11 school year.  I'm sorry to report that I did not accomplish much, but it was a great day for visiting and, as I like to think of it, "assessing the situation."  Our district welcomed us back with breakfast this morning.  The breakfast is actually hosted by our area ministerial alliance and each year a different pastor speaks to us.  This morning it was almost like we had church!  A former two-time student of mine sang for us first -- Chad's going to be a senior this year and I just can't believe it.  The years have flown by.  He was followed by three of our female choir teachers (two sang duets and the other plays AMAZING piano) who sang a medley of favorite hymns.  The music was beautiful and I would say they just led us in a little worship right there in the union.  This breakfast is a tradition that seems to be unique to Alma and I really do appreciate the effort that goes into it. 

So, I have 9 working days until students report.  Tomorrow I get to be in my classroom again all day and I do have a plan in place because I was able to fully assess the situation this morning.  I managed to sort the summer work my PreAP kids turned in last week (grading commences tomorrow) and check my supply order.  Priority numero uno is getting my syllabus and other first-of-the-stuff tweaked for this year and off to be copied.  That right there just gives me little butterflies!  This time of year is almost up there with Christmas for me.  Well, maybe not Christmas...maybe 4th of July or New Year's Day?  It's a fresh start! 

Most people only experience the first day of school 13 times (I'm not counting the college years because I just don't think it carries all the charm and nostalgia of the K-12 years).  I get to do it every year!  Yay!  And, it's not just me.  My girls are equally excited!  I can remember every outfit I ever wore on the first day of school -- at least up through high school -- and I remember my lunch boxes!

Kindergarten -- no lunch box : ( -- half day...

1st -- Muppets!  I heart Miss Piggy : )

2nd -- Kermit the Frog (are you picking up on a theme, here?)

4th or 5th -- Red canvas lunchbox with adjustable strap -- rainbow on front with my monogrammed initials

You get the idea... 

I need to go to bed now.  It's 11:21.  Goodnight!  I guess this post is really just me processing a little before I wind down.  Sorry!  I'll do better next time...

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  1. I enjoyed our visits on Monday, but I must say I was a lot more productive today!

  2. I enjoyed our visits, too! I purposely did not even come say hello today because I needed to work. I wish I could say my day was incredibly productive, but Sara came by room this morning and I did the same thing I did yesterday! Oh, well... It will all get finished eventually -- relationships are important, too : )


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