Showers of Blessing

September 22, 2010

I am sort of in denial that my little sister is getting married in just over two weeks.  I still have so much to do!  Helpful gal that I am, I volunteered to tie bows on hundreds (maybe) of little bells.  I'm pretty sure I forgot that I have three children, a job, a husband, a house, a yard, a dog, and two cats when I said, "I can do that.  Let me help!"  I've also got to get my part (food) of her personal shower ready for Saturday.  I also need to finalize shoe shopping and am cross, cross, crossing my fingers that Lilah doesn't have to try to pull of the barefoot flower girl look.  And, I think Jamie needs a new shirt to wear with his brown suit.  I know there are other things I'll add to the list, but this is it for now.

Anna's been blessed with lots of showers given in her honor.  She and Rawlon are loved by so many.  A couple of weekends ago were the hometown showers and I only made it to one day of celebration.  I wish that I'd been able to attend both.  I get a little sappy when I think about what great friends my mom has.  The ladies from First Baptist have not only watched Anna and I grow up, but they're seeing my girls grow as well.  Every one of them has a special place in my heart. 

You just don't find women like this anywhere else.  Mom has also been blessed to teach with amazing ladies through the years.  I've never seen a school faculty anywhere that has the bond the Liberty teachers have.  What's sort of unique about this group is that not only are the veteran teachers still great friends, but they've welcomed the new teachers into their group as well.  So many schools seem to be separated by old and new folks, but I don't think that's true for these gals.

Right there in the front is Mrs. Johnson.  Remember my post about her retirement?  She was thrilled to help with Anna's "school" shower and we had the nicest visit. 

Here's my family without me...we always run just a tad late!   But later Mom got a shot of Anna and me together.  It's awful of me but Anna looks radiant!

Truly, Anna and I are blessed with our mom and her wonderful friends.  I thought back to my wedding shower and I just felt a great appreciation again for the generous and thoughtful people we grew up knowing.  And, I sort of thought that it might be a nice idea for someone to throw me another shower for my 18th anniversary...  I need some new towels.  And glasses. 

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