September 23, 2010

This year I have one section of English I.  I'll translate for those of you not in high school.  English 1 = Freshmen.  Battles' English 1 = very young freshmen!  I am enjoying them (I think).  There are some great kids in this class, but I did manage to get a lot of the really young boys who still have some maturing to do.  This class takes me back to the old days of teaching 8th grade. 

Today I was grading some quickwrites from earlier in the week and I literally LOL'd at a few of them.  I think they're worth sharing.  These were written in response to a memoir we read by Gary Soto titled "The Talk."  In "The Talk," two 12 year old boys are discussing their visions for their adult lives.  I had my students write a little bit about their own visions for their grown-up lives.  I think you'll notice a recurring theme.  All of these are from male students -- roughly age 14 (young 14s!).

When I grow up I will be an architect.  I will live in a 2-story house in Little Rock.  I want to have 2 cars, 2 kids, and a motorcycle.  I'd like my wife to be a nice brunette that works as a teacher.

My adult life I will be good looking with a good looking wife.
My vision for my future is vivid.  I plan on having a caring wife and one or two kids.  My house won't be extravagant, but it will be nice.  I will be slim, muscular, and nice.  I may have a pool or a nice bathtub.

My adult life will be somewhere not very populated, probably out in the country.  I'll have at least 1 kid.  My wife's name will be Sara.  I won't be rich, but I'll have a good job.  It'll be a nice house and me and my wife will never fight.

I really don't know what my adult life will be like.  I want to have a pretty wife that likes to play golf.  But, she don't play golf, I will teach her.  All that matters to me is if she's pretty.  Hopefully, she likes to do the things I like to do.

 I sort of wonder what has influenced Dave to want a brunette, schoolteacher wife...

I really hope Patrick gets a nice bathtub!

And, I hope Nick doesn't fight with his wife.  This one actually made me a little sad because there's some family history there showing up in that one.

Drew knows exactly what he wants and that's great!

Did you notice that they all want pretty wives?  I sure hope that these boys find the loves of their lives some day and they work hard to create these visions of happy marriages and stable families.  I don't have boys, so I don't really understand them very well, but something about this just made my heart smile today!

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