Just CANNOT Go to Bed Early!

October 04, 2010

Writing is a funny thing for me.  I have all these great ideas rolling around in my head throughout the day for very wonderful and profound things I could say here on my little blog, but by the time I sit down to do anything with them they've escaped me.  I really should carry a writer's notebook with me and just take a second to jot things down.  Maybe I'll do that...

Anyway, Monday night finds me here at this machine when I had every intention of going to bed early.  I just finished my quiet time and I want to share this with you.  I've started studying the book of Habakkuk.  I can hear you asking "Why?" even as I type.  Well, I read the transcript for Revive Our Hearts every day and this is Nancy's new series.  Something about the introduction to Habakkuk today just said to me, "Get in there."  I have lots of questions as did Habakkuk.  He wondered about all the biggies that believers and non-believers alike want to ask God.  The interesting thing about H is that he took his questions directly to God.  He didn't ponder the answers with his buddies or even his religious leader; he just took them up with the Man himself.

I don't know what your prayer life is like, but I can tell you that mine is lacking at this point in my life.  I can't really explain why; all I know is that I've felt a sort of disconnect for the last few months and I am just tired of that.  Yesterday at church the pastor gave some rather shocking statistics from the recent "religion survey" that's been in the news lately.  I should have written them down and I'm entirely too lazy to Google them at this point, but one that absolutely got my attention was that 38% of Christians do not pray regularly.   Wow.  That hit home with me -- particularly right now.  The bottom line is that God is always there.  If I'm feeling this sense of disconnect, then that's all on my part.  Just like with any other relationship, if I want us to continue to have one, I will have to work at it.  And, right now I need to work pretty hard. 

So, all of that to say this.  The book of Habakkuk opens up with H's questions, then in verse 5 it shifts to the Lord's reply.  This verse jumped of the page at me and I feel like it did for a reason.

...for I am going to do something in your day that
you would not believe even if you were told.
That is my heart right now.  I am praying for something amazing to happen in my heart, in my family, in my marriage, in my career.  I've become complacent.  I'm accustomed to the status quo.  But, I'm tired of that.  I want to experience the WOW factor.  The Lord has been faithful to me all these years; it's time for me to be faithful, too.  I almost feel giddy tonight.  I'm watching Him work all AROUND me and I feel like I'm on the cusp as though He is getting ready to work IN me as well.   

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  1. Jennifer--Even though I do not see you in person, I can see God working in you! I just wanted to give you those words of encouragement. Even though you might not see Him in you, I can and maybe so can others. I see Him working in you to be debt free and through you and your family faithfulness to Him, He is going to use you to show others they too can be debt free. So friend stay faithful and obedient to His will and now that I am praying for you everyday! Can't wait to read the progress of God working in and through you!!


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