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November 09, 2010

from school is a nice thing every now and then.  I had my "annual" appointment today (annual as in I haven't been in 2 years).  Can I just tell you that I met the sweetest gal in the lobby?  I was feeling rather out of place because it was obvious one of the other docs in the practice was having his OB day since 14 of the 17 women waiting were PG.  Well, that is not why I was there!  Anyway, this young woman next me struck up a conversation and we just had the nicest visit.  People just don't do that anymore.  We talked about their recent move from Little Rock to our area and her son's kindergarten experience and her excitedness about Baby Girl arriving in February.  (Note:  by YOUNG woman I mean she was 30.  Geesh!  I'm getting old!)

Before my appointment I killed some time at Lowe's.  I absolutely love hardware and home improvement stores!  I didn't spend a dime at all today (except on 3 cookies and a cupcake at Paul's), but I did make a few decisions like dark bamboo shades for our bedroom windows.  I also got to see a fridge that is the make/model (this one was stainless; ours will be white) of the one we've found on the Internet to replace ours that is dying.  We are going with a scratch-dent warehouse (can't see any cosmetic issues at all) and saving about $800.  They offer a 1 year warranty on parts and labor, so I figure we can't go wrong.  I also scoped out the Christmas tree I'm buying on Black Friday (thank you Lowe's fan page on Facebook) when I will save $60 on it.  Can you tell I'm still working the budget? 

After my appointment I ran into Hobby Lobby and made some more notes about Christmas ideas.  Anna sent me a text while I was there and it turned out she was in her car, so we had a rare weekday afternoon phone conversation.  It was nice to talk without any interruptions from man or child!

Before I could cave in and spend unbudgeted money, I came on home where Jamie was just waking up.  We spent the afternoon together watching a little Retro TV (that's a real channel -- think The Rifleman, Ironside, and Dr. Quincy: Medical Examiner), me grading a few papers, and me taking a little catnap.  I could get used to afternoons like this. 

This evening was lovely once I grounded PJB from any contact with the outside world and took her phone.  I've had just about enough teenage attitude this week.  It comes in spurts and I'd let my guard down...  Speaking of PJB, Jamie and I had a good laugh last night when I read him her Christmas list over the phone.  Seriously.  The child knows that her mother is a public school teacher and her father is a machinist.  Even if we weren't, this list was just over the top.  Sadly, a lot of her friends will get everything she wrote down.  Even if someday we find ourselves independently wealthy, I still think what we do for Christmas in terms of gifts would be more than enough.  The only thing I might add would be a vacation during the break.  That would be wonderful!

My goal for this Christmas season is to truly celebrate the Messiah.  Everything else is secondary. 

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