November 08, 2010

Tonight's bedtime routine left me with a little tear in my eye when Lilah said, "Yellow" instead of "Lellow." 

"What color is it?"
"Yep, yellow."

Sniff, sniff.  My baby is growing up.  She's pronouncing words correctly.  Thanks to Taylor Swift she knows the word pathetic.  And, her fingers have lost their chubbiness.  And, she doesn't smell like a baby anymore.  In fact, her morning breath is sort of bad now.  I still just breathe it in though because it isn't THAT gross and she still has a little of that just-woke-up smell little kids have after a nap or in the morning.  Sigh.

Here's a picture of Baby Lilah just because I feel like it.

This was at her first birthday party.  See her chubby hands?  And her little feet?  And those cheeks?  And those elbow dimples?

I think 6 months to 2 years old is such a precious time.  Tonight was pretty precious, too, when I asked her who her best friend was.  She said, "Molly, Parker, and you, Mommy!"  Sweet girl. 

Enough of that. 

In other news... I received a call today from my "donor advocate" with an appointment for December 27.  We're going to get this ball rolling and see if I'm a match and can donate a kidney to my dad.  Send up a prayer or ten that a match will be made and that the process will be easy and effective.

I hope you enjoyed your Monday.  I hope you enjoy the 70 degree weather forecast for this second week of November.  When it gets freezing cold this winter and all those folks who think they're witty say, "I thought we were in global warming, huh, huh," they will do well to remember this.  And how it stinks.  And how a real fall would be great!

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