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November 03, 2010

A small package addressed to "The Battles Girls" in my sister's architect handwriting was in our mailbox this afternoon.  Surprise!  I love surprises (but only if they're real surprises, not if there's any hint at all that there might be one).  Inside were some bracelets for the girls that Anna picked up on her honeymoon to Mexico.  I didn't get a Mexican souvenir...instead I got a new Christmas mix CD!  Anna had seen my Facebook status sometime last week when I mentioned I wanted to listen to Christmas music, so she made me a new CD.  Anna's love language is gifts -- can you tell? 

The playlist is awesome!  I like different arrangements of the traditional songs and that's definitely what Anna picked out for me.  I really should be a better sister.  I think of nice things to do for people all the time, but I lack follow-through.  That's my excuse anyway.

It's awfully coincidental this package came today.  Last night found me still up at 11:25 and on playlist.com  creating a Christmas playlist.  When I found the theme song to Christmas Vacation I was so pumped for the holidays that I just knew I'd take forever to fall asleep.  I really need Jamie to work days again so I can settle down at night!  Anyway, I'd hate to not share all that hard work I did...  Here are a few of my favorites!

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And, I'm afraid that's just not enough.  I have to add some favorite Christmas commercials, too.  Enjoy! 

If you've managed to stick around to the end of this post, you likely think I'm 1. nuts or 2. nuts.  I'm excited about Christmas.  The past two Christmas seasons have been wonderful; however, the three or four previous years were not.  It's difficult to feel like celebrating and even to be still and reflect on the miracle of Christ's birth when your heart hurts.  I am praying for the blessing of a special Christmas this year.  Merry Christmas (waaayyyy before Thanksgiving!)

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  1. I love it! I am always ready for Christmas a long time before most people. It is good to know I am not alone!!!


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