Snow Day Surprise

January 20, 2011

Sounds like the title of a children's book doesn't it?  Well, we have had a morning that would absolutely make a wonderful children's book!   It began with a text from my husband around 7:30 this morning that said, "Come get my puppy."  The following picture was attached...

My initial response was, "Huh?"  To make a long story short, Lilah and I hopped in the car (this was just as the snow was beginning) and picked up our new puppy.  

I'm not an animal lover.  Really.  But, I think I have fallen in love with Briley Blue or Chelsea Blue -- whatever ends up sticking.  She is already house trained and her disposition is just precious.  And to think I was going to pick up new Uno cards last night so we'd have something to do today...  

This is our third snow day and it is a real snow day.  The girls and I have a bowl sitting on the deck to collect snow for our snow ice cream that we'll make this afternoon.  The ground is now completely covered and the snow isn't supposed to let up for another four hours or so.  I love it!  This is the last snow day built into our school calendar, so tomorrow (I just don't see us going to school) will mean an added day.  I don't mind.  Snow days are magical.  We have plenty of summer days which, quite frankly, get boring after a while.  It's too hot in July and August to do much outside unless you're near water.  Those days become the same old thing over and over again very quickly.  These days are so much sweeter!

For those who'd like a transplant update:  We're still moving right along.  I'm scheduled to return to OKC on February 4th for an abdominal CT and kidney ultra sound as well as a meeting with the social worker.  When I spoke to Carol, my coordinator, yesterday, she said we may very well be looking at a transplant date in early March.  That would be fine by me.  I'm hoping three weeks will be enough of a recuperation period and that maybe Spring Break can be one of those weeks (or not...).   

I'll leave you with this...  Isn't she sweet?


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  1. Boo for the snow days! We are going to be in Orange Beach, AL, on June 4th, so I need for this weather mess to cease. I am glad you enjoy it, though :)!

  2. Silly girl! Why'd you schedule your vacay so close? It's melting here now, so this may be it... We were looking at Orange Beach, but we may be leaning toward San Antonio now. I told Jamie he IS taking off work and we ARE going somewhere, anywhere (except Branson!) this summer. Watch us end up in Branson...

  3. We went with that date out of necessity. We had it narrowed down to 2 weeks and my cousin is getting married the second one. I was hoping we wouldn't miss any school, but alas, here we are on day 3. If they only make us go 178 days, we can still be out on the 2nd of June.

    And I totally understand the Branson thing. We did that two years in a row, and I finally said, "No more. We are done - for a while."


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