January 26, 2011

I have a moment, and I have some thoughts.  I doubt I'll be able to articulate them very well because while I'm enjoying my thoughtful moment I can hear PJB in our bathroom (she likes ours better; we've tried to kick her out; it's frustrating to the Nth degree!) and Molly just walked in here to to tell me that when she stands up straight her stomach is uncomfortable.  I'm shooing her out as we speak.  Her stomach is fine.  She is not coping very well with a growing body.  Say a prayer!  Jamie just tried to enter our bathroom only to find it occupied, so some aggravated conversation is taking place about 20 feet away from me.  My life is full of these kinds of moments and I, for the most part, ignore them.  Not really.  But, I am right now. 

It seems the moment has passed and now it's pretty calm again.  Ebb and flow -- that's the rhythm of this household.  So, back to my thoughts! 

1.  I am beyond enjoying the book One Thousand Gifts.  Enjoying isn't even the right word.  It's so moving and Ann's words are beautiful.  If I could copy any writer's style and claim it as my own it would be Ann's.  I have devoured her blog over the past few months and to actually have her book in my hands with pages to turn is wonderful.  Generally I get into a book and I don't put it down until I'm finished which may mean late nights or evenings of neglecting any number of other things I should do.  I'm taking One Thousand Gifts slowly because it just requires that, the soaking up of the words and the story.  If any of you are reading it or decide to, share your thoughts with me. 

2.  God answers big prayers and he answers little prayers.  PJB had lost her cheer skirt.  She had to sit in the bleachers during Monday night's game.  After tearing this house and my car apart, the skirt was nowhere to be found.  I sent up a quick prayer last night and the skirt was found this morning.  It had found its way into Parker's choir dress bag and was found this morning when PJB's friend suggested she check there.  They'd had group pictures for yearbook last week and evidently that's when the mix up occurred.  Yay!

3.  My heart and spirit are absolutely blessed by my church.

4.  Time is moving too quickly.  Molly turned 11 yesterday.  I will be 37 all too quickly.  Parker will start high school next year and Molly will move to the middle school.  Lilah is growing every day.  I have days when I feel like I want time to stand still.  I think that's why I've loved our snow days because that's sort of what happens.  Then, I snap out of it and I'm ready for the 13 year old to have the wisdom and maturity of  23 years and for the 11 year old to grow into herself and the 4 year old to wipe her own bottom. 

5.  Verizon pre-releases its iPhone 4 to current customers on the 3rd.  Guess whose line has the only eligible upgrade?  Parker Jane.  I guess it's only fitting because she has literally cried very real (as opposed to bratty-get-me-what-I-want) tears over having one.  Largely the tears were due to a really ugly joke we played on her that she took way too seriously, but still...the kid wants one.  Early birthday present coming right up.  Jamie wants one, too, but he can't upgrade his line until August.  I'm beyond nervous about him having a phone that you can't carry insurance on.  Beyond.  Nervous.

So, there you go -- evidence that I think.  I am going to buy myself a pretty little notebook (maybe a Vera) to carry around to jot my thoughts in as they occur.  I will be in the most random of places or situations and think, "This would be a great blog post.  I have to remember this."  And, naturally, because I live in organized chaos, those thoughts vanish. And, now, I will vanish...  Poof!    (Is that cheesy or what?  I'm leaving it, though.)

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