Saturday Morning and the Continuance of Thoughts

January 29, 2011

I'm still thinking.  I'm thinking about a variety of things, not all of which are connected.  Right now, I'm thinking that my house is messy because Molly and her friend slept on a pallet in the living room and that needs to be put up.  Our kitchen looks like yours would after your own three children plus one friend and one husband have been in and out of it all night and morning.  I'm thinking about how the hall bathroom was never really cleaned this week at all and that I could be utilizing my time much better by taking care of these things rather than sitting here.

I'm thinking about how company is coming for a late lunch.  All my family will be here to celebrate Molly's birthday as well as Gram's and mine which is coming up shortly.  I'm thinking that I cannot wait for Amy Lockhart's Italian Cream cake that Mom is bringing per my request!  I'm thinking that, once again, my ability to procrastinate my good intentions has left me without a gift in hand for's on order, but it's not here yet.

I'm thinking about transparency.  One of the things I planned on being really intentional about when I started blogging was being, on my blog, the same as I am in real life.  I'm not sure I do that very well.  Human nature tends to make us want to present the best public image possible, but I hope that people who read this and know me in real life see the real me here as well.  Do you ever read one of the blogs you follow (of someone you don't know and can't compare the real person to the blog person) and think, "Is she for real?"

I'm thinking that it's not beneficial to constantly air one's griefs and one's frustrations, so I think that's where this thinking is coming from.  I am quite often grieved and frustrated, but I don't imagine everyone wants to read much about that.  I'm thinking I, myself, shouldn't spend much time dwelling on those situations and people that grieve and frustrate me except to give it up to the Lord in prayer. 

I'm thinking that this might help some of you to know me little better.  I don't know everyone who reads my blog in real life.  I have two followers who I've never met and Feedburner says I have around 20 subscribers.  I also have visitors who may drop in and look around after I've posted a comment on another blog that I read.  I don't know why this idea of being transparent has been on my mind so much lately, but I just thought I'd explain my thinking a little bit.

I'm thinking I'd love to know who is dropping by while they're sitting at their computers.  Please say "Hello!"

I'm thinking something great happened Thursday night!  My friend Chastity who is in my Sunday School class (an amazing group of heaven-sent ladies) had the truly holy experience of being present when her husband was saved in their home around their dinner table.  I just get chills and teary-eyed every time I think about it.  Many of you know this is so near to my own heart.  The news of Thursday night's blessing has increased my faith.

I'm thinking how much encouraging texts mean to me.  Friday morning, my Sunday School teacher sent this, "Your family is next to be rejoicing!"  Her text was followed by more from Ava (also in my SS class).  These ladies mean so much to me already after a few short months. 

I'm thinking I'm so happy to have this outlet.  I would never write consistently if I only had pen and paper.  I also would probably not write consistently if I didn't get feedback.  Writing is good.

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  1. Jennifer,
    Just dropping by to say hello. You are transparent and I love your blogs. You were missed today as well!


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