81 - 90

February 23, 2011

81.  A husband who works incredibly hard (to the tune of 19 hour days at times) to provide for our family

82.  A child who does it the first time they're asked

83.  Former students and the scholarship essays they write

84.  The way I feel after working out

85.  Noticing the working out is working -- even if nobody else does...yet

86.  Lilah's stories and her gasps of excitement

87.  Extra-strength Tylenol

88.  A day with my mom sans kids

89.  The end of pre-transplant testing

90.  New mercies every morning (and even after lunch if we just ask)

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  1. I just noticed that you have two 71-80s. Does that mean this one is 91-100? Just wonderin'. Miss you!

  2. I knew I was bound to get off track in my numbers! So, yes, this would be 91-100 : ) I miss you, too. Next week I may drop by one morning and say hello on my conference period. I love the kids' pictures you posted. That Harrison is most definitely a handsome fellow!

  3. Come on by! We have no plans next week.


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