Easter 2011

April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!  This is the lone picture that I took today...

It was rainy from the get-go.  We took this picture on our way out the door this morning to send to Jamie as he had to work in Texas again this weekend. 

This was my very first Easter to not attend church with my parents, Gram, and sister.  I opted to stay in Alma to attend our Easter services at Southside and even though it was not our traditional Easter morning, the girls and I were blessed.  We didn't make it to the 8:00 sunrise/Lord's Supper service, but we did arrive in time for the church-wide breakfast prior to Sunday School.  Today saw seven people baptized (2 adults and 5 youth).  The music was uplifting and the message was full of truth. 

We hightailed it to Mom & Dad's after church for lunch and an indoor egg hunt.  This year was just a time of relaxing and spending time together which was very nice.  I headed home sans one child since PJB is spending the night with my parents in order to job-shadow my friend Amy for her career orientation class tomorrow.  Amy has a growing baking/catering business and Parker is very interested in that sort of thing thanks to Cake Boss.  You may remember seeing some pics of Anna & Rawlon's wedding cake...that was Amy.  She is so very talented!

As I type this, the rain is literally pouring down outside.  I think our little wet weather creek may overflow its banks if this continues -- and it is supposed to!  I don't know if the thunder is contributing to my inability to settle down tonight, but I'm having a hard time leaving the couch to head toward bed.  Do you ever feel unsettled?  I've sort of been feeling like that the past few days.  I am questioning just about everything I do or don't do and second-guessing myself at every turn.  I am trying very hard to "be anxious for nothing."  I believe I'm going to head toward bed and try out this good sleeping weather!  A good night's rest always helps : )

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