Flooding and Baking and Thanking

April 25, 2011

You know the saying, "God willin' and the creek don't rise..."?  Well, I think I get it now.  We have had rain, rain, and more rain over the past couple of days and I'm telling you it's crazy.  Our property is beyond soaking wet, but thankfully our little creek picks up the excess and runs it somewhere else.  Some family near McAlestar, OK posted pics of their road -- their impassable road -- and said they wouldn't be able to get home tonight.  Closings have crawled across the television screen which is sort of ironic because earlier today I was thinking, "What would it take to have a rain day?"  I guess it takes a whole lot of rain that has nowhere to go, leaving you with flooded sidewalks and buildings. 

Thankfully, the weather didn't interfere with Parker Jane's job shadowing experience.  One of my oldest friends hosted PJB today at her house where she also operates The Bake Shoppe.  My big girl has talked of nothing else all evening.  She had the best time!  Amy taught her to make truffles; she baked and decorated a cake to take to school tomorrow; and they created a cookie together which will be named in Parker's honor when Amy opens her store-front -- The Parker Jane Symphony.  It's a good day to be Parker -- she also got a solo in the spring choir concert.  Have you heard the Glee version of "Don't Stop Believin'?"  Her part is, "Just a small-town boy...born in raised in South Detroit...He took the midnight train goin' anywhere..."

Isn't this cute?  Park did it herself and she's very proud!  I really wish I could have taken a personal day to hang out with them.  If you'd like Amy's number, message me.  She is very talented and creative and her stuff tastes delish! 

Since it's Monday, I'll share my list of recent thanks.  I'm finding that I really need to do this and it's a great way to start my week.  The enemy has been messin' with me lately and I've grumbled a lot on the inside (and, well, the outside, too, because shopping with all three girls for Easter outfits and shoes nearly put me over the edge).  Anyway, I'm really glad I'm making this link-up on Mondays a part of my regular routine.

140.  Pecan-caramel-fudge sundaes from Braum's

141.  The way light casts itself on green trees and green grass as it breaks through morning clouds

142.  Being asked, "How was your day?" and then listening to my answer

143.  Heat on wet feet after splashing through puddles while running to the car

144.  Dyed eggs -- dyed fingers

145.  The trust of students who feel safe sharing their words with me -- words that are difficult read, but more difficult to write

146.  My dear forever-friend and my oldest daughter spending the day together

147.  The legacy of 45 years of service to Alma schools and Alma students -- God blessed Alma with Charles B. Dyer and he will be missed.

148.  A little voice behind me that asks for a hug and a kiss

149.  Smiles that showcase the gap between front teeth

150.  Washers and dryers


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