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April 04, 2011

I have no idea where this is going to go.  So many thoughts are running around in my mind.  Maybe the thing to do would be to write  a list.  I love lists.  Lists are as close to organized as I can routinely get.

1.  Molly & MACE -- We met with her urologist the Monday of Spring Break and decided to proceed with the MACE surgery we postponed in January.  Dr. Canon shared a newspaper article interviewing a 19 year old young lady (also his patient) who underwent the same procedure last fall.  She raved about it and said it had been life changing.  That's what we're shooting for -- life changing.  Molly is understandably very nervous (she will forever compare any surgical procedure to her Chiari Decompression last spring), but the recovery for this shouldn't even compare to the levels of pain she experienced last year.  She may also have the opportunity to share her experience about Spina Bifida and this particular surgery via television.  Dr. Canon asked if we might consider having some of this filmed for possible inclusion in a TLC-type show.  We'll find out more when we see him and the public relations VP of the hospital later this month.  We're looking at doing this sooner rather than later.

2.  Jen, Dad, and Kidneys --  Turns out my low heart rate has slowed our process some.  I almost have my cardiologist's clearance.  We have one more test before he'll sign off, so Wednesday I'm headed for  a TEE to determine whether or not I have a bicuspid valve.  If I end up having this, he won't clear me for donation.  Pray that I'm just fine and we can move along.  This was originally scheduled for Spring Break, but bad news on that Tuesday postponed the test.  That brings me to...

3.  Accidents, Deaths, Regrets -- Jamie's dad was killed in a fishing/boating accident and was found the Tuesday of Spring Break.  I can't even begin to adequately explain the difficulty of this in a paragraph.  We didn't have a close relationship with him, so that's where the regret comes in.  Thank the Lord for praying friends.  On a positive note, we spent time with family members we don't generally see and that was a blessing.  I can't say enough about the support we received from a variety of people:  family, my church family, friends, coworkers. 

4.  Sweet Moments

Lilah and I paused for a picture of our shadows Saturday evening.  Sweet little moments like this, like bedtime stories, like laughing in the car with my big girls, like compliments from my husband, like conversations with my family...this is what's important.  I'm learning to pause and appreciate them more.

5.  Sweet Lawnmowers --  We've never had a riding lawnmower.  We, I mean "I," mow our vast yard with a push mower every summer.  While it's a good workout, it's also time consuming.  How lucky I am to have a dad who goes through lawn tractors like most people go through shoes!  He passed on his 3 year old Cub Cadet to me this weekend and I AM IN HEAVEN!  I LOVE IT!  Here's a pic of new BFF : )

6.  Painting and Re-Purposing --  My Gram let me have their old console record player from the 1950s!  I knew I'd use it in the living room to hold our TV, but I was unsure what to do about finishing it.  The light wood was a little too vintage for my taste and didn't really fit in with my color scheme, so after consulting my friends on Facebook, I opted for "Farmer Apple Red."  I love it!  I still plan on staining the panels a darker brown, but I love the overall look.  I painted an end table in the same red and my "hodge-podge" living room is starting to come together. 

7.  Routines -- After the disruptions that just fell into our lives a couple of weeks ago, I've learned that routines are a good thing.  I sort of know this even though I wouldn't consider myself someone who is rigid about it.  In the very next breath, though, I will say that I am ready for summer and some relaxation -- a looser routine.  The weather this weekend just whetted my appetite for long days and evenings outside.  I hope the next two months fly by and summer finds us soon!

8.  Faith and Friends -- I have mentioned before that I am grateful for my Sunday School class.  For several years my heart and spirit just yearned for a group of women who would come along side me in prayer and friendship.  My small group on Sunday mornings is a blessing and an answer to prayer.  In just a few short months, the Lord has knitted our hearts together.  I have a post running around in my head that will hopefully see its way to my blog soon. 

I think this is all for now.  Hope you enjoy the spring weather we have to look forward to this week!  I've got a list for the nursery and at the top is sweet potato vine -- my favorite!

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