Wedding Revisted

April 06, 2011

I just have to share some of the professional photographs from Annas wedding last October.  Landers Green in Fayetteville did an amazing job.  They were everywhere!  I love their style -- the lighting they use, the candid shots they capture.  They are definitely lifestyle photographers. 

These are some of the images from before the ceremony.  Even the posed shots have a relaxed, real quality to them.  My Gram did mention to me as we were previewing the first shots that it was a good thing Katie was pregnant.  Ha!  She's always been one to say what she thinks -- just ask my mom and my sister! 

Love this one!  Such a cute shot of the newly-marrieds.

These were from the ceremony.  This last shot is Jamie getting Lilah off the stage since she was just having a terrible time being still! 

Now he's having a little face-to-face chat with her after the ceremony...

These other shots of my angel baby make it hard to believe she required removal and a talk!  But, this next one may open your eyes to how we keep her so sweet...

I'll just finish up here with the rest of the photos I've decided to post...

The next to last shot is probably my favorite of Lilah.  Doesn't it look sort of fairytale-like?  I love it!  Anna's wedding was a beautiful, special event.  I'm so glad the photographers captured the essence of the day!

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