171 -- 182

May 16, 2011

171.  The scratch of 21 pencils across notebook paper, documenting thoughts

172.  Dresses -- dressy, sun, big girl, little girl -- just dresses, dresses, dresses

173.  Friends and family who are always there, always

174.  Fried catfish and endless hushpuppies

175.  Shared birthday celebrations

176.  Birthday cakes made by one of my oldest friends -- I promise that makes the icing sweeter

177.  Field trips

178.  Museum exhibits

179.  Seeing Princess Diana's wedding dress -- live and in person -- a dream come true for my inner 7-year old

180.  Lilah's excitement in seeing me after three nights away

181.  Sweet words coming from my husband's mouth

182.  Church potlucks

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  1. The sound of all those pencils against paper must sound amazing! How fun to have shared birthdays! Museums are so much fun to visit. Thanks for sharing your sweet list of gifts. Beautiful! :)


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