Deep Breath

May 14, 2011

Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday is happening on Saturday morning this week... Wanna participate? Here are the rules:

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So, here we go...

A mistake you thought you took care of years ago comes back to haunt you -- Deep Breath.  There are phone calls to be made -- Deep Breath.  Settling in and knowing it is what it is and, more importantly, God is who He is -- Deep Breath. 

Some days I feel like I walk around, doing my life, holding my breath.  Tension, anxiety, worry, anticipation -- these are my rather constant companions.  It's exhausting to hold it together on the days that these four feelings are in full swing.  Relief comes only when I take the deep breaths. 

A deep breath is more than the physical action of taking in air and filling my lungs with fresh oxygen and then releasing it back into the world.  Metaphorically, I need spiritual deep breaths.  I need times of confession, of taking in the Word, of acting on God's direction.  I have to have times of talking about my stuff, of receiving counsel from those I trust, of applying that truth to my life.  Deep breaths.

Breathe deep.  Breathe often.  Breathe silently.  Breathe so I can hear the release. 

**Five minutes are up.  This was a very timely prompt.  This has been a week for the deep breaths. 

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  1. Jen,
    Thanks for you post on my blog - by the way you spelled battle with three t's. lol:) But I found you none the less.

    Great post - I know what you mean - breathe until you can hear the release.

    I realized after taking Christ as my Saviour I have to rely totally on Him. I was a controlling Martha - I now can find Him because I am balanced with my Mary.

    May you have a faith-filled day, blessings,

  2. Jen,

    Jumped over from 5 minute Friday on Saturday which is when I posted too ... Love your blog and love that you too are a teacher.

    I am with k,1,2 EBD students so life lessons are important to these kiddos. who sometimes don't have breakfast in the morning, are really angry 'cause their dad left or they did not have anyone to get them off to school ... hard stuff so I find myself breathing often and teaching them to take deep breaths as well.

    Blessings, Beth

  3. What a beautiful line 'breathe so I can feel the release'. Just beautiful, and true. You are right we do hold our breath, we do run around manically not doing the one thing - breathing - that is in our power to make the day easier, to allow our minds/brains to oxygenate and for us to feel better.

    It is simply amazing - a gift I feel - how those constant companions that haunt us all can be eradicated by breathing deeply. I love the idea that each breathe we take is his name YHWH.


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