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May 26, 2011

I'm late with my Monday thanks this week.  Anyone who has watched the news knows that the central part of the country has been hit hard by storms this week.  Our little town was fortunate.  Monday night found us with straight line winds that blew down trees.  Tuesday saw us out of school due to power outages.  Tuesday night, most families were close to their televisions (those whose electricity had been turned on, anyway) watching a line of severe weather move across Oklahoma and into western Arkansas.  That storm missed us, but destroyed a community about 30 miles to the west. 

My heart keeps returning to the people of Joplin who suffered immense loss Sunday evening.  The stories are still unfolding; I'm watching Anderson Cooper right now as he discusses the problems at the morgue.  I cannot fathom having a child ripped from my arms or through a sunroof.  I think not knowing whether they had survived or not or where they were would kill me.  Literally.  The pictures of the destruction is just to much to bear and I can only watch the footage in small doses.

The severity of this week's weather events and the aftermath of the storms makes many items on my little list of thanks seem somewhat trite and unimportant.  However, these are the blessings I've recorded for this week and they matter to me because they reflect my life.  Thankfully, I can give thanks today for protection from the storms. 

183.  Sunrise bursting through the clouds in pink and orange and yellow glory

184.  Libraries

185.  Sharing in my kiddos' joys -- so proud of all three of my girls

186.  A smile returned

187.  Daddies who leave work to pick up ice cream for big girls with sore throats and solos

188.  Protection from the storms x 2

189.  The confidence my 14 old has

190.  Electricity

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