When Seasons Change

May 21, 2011


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I've been thinking alot about the seasons of my life lately.  I wrote a short post a few weeks ago about getting older, becoming an "older" mom.  Today my firstborn turns 14 and she's leaving middle school behind in a couple of weeks to embark on the final leg of her childhood education as she enters high school this fall.  I'm not ready.  My middle daughter will be tagging along behind her -- one school building at a time -- as she begins middle school next year.  That's the way it's always been, Parker at one building and Molly at the one below her.  But, in three short school years, they'll spend Parker's final year at Alma together at the high school.

I'm not ready.  I think about how quickly the past three years have passed.  I think about how they've grown so much and the ways they've changed and it just can't be.  I have taught at our middle school and now I teach at our high school and I KNOW the next few years are going to fly by.  I'm not ready.  I want to turn back the clock. 

Lilah will start this whole process over for us in another year.  My last season with a preschooler is upon me.  There won't be any more babies.  We won't have another first day of kindergarten after she starts.  I need some grace to help me through. 

On the other hand, it's good.  It's good to grow up -- both my girls and myself.  The coming seasons hold some blessings, I'm sure. 

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  1. Jen, I so hear you. As these seasons change I find myself holding on so tight. I grieve as I think of not teaching another one to read, or hearing those beautifully silly toddler words, or even no more night time feedings in the rocking chair. I'm trying to go with it too knowing it's a blessing...


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