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August 01, 2011

I have to confess a couple of things before I go on with my gift listing just to keep it real.  It's good for me to take this time every Monday to count my blessings because I really struggle sometimes with what I don't have and what I can't do.  It has absolutely killed me that we didn't get to go on a vacation this summer.  I have whined and moped about that all summer which has really been an encouragement to my family.  Ha.  Really, my whiney attitude has been on the inside, but it's still been a "thing" for me to have to get over this summer.  So there. 

The second confession is that I was whiney (on the inside again) during our quick trip to the mall today.  Shopping recreationally is just something I do not allow myself to do and today I remembered why -- it stinks not to be able to buy everything you see that you would like to have for your kids or your man or your house or yourself.  We are pretty determined not to have credit card debt, but today I might have liked to open an account at every store and get that "discount."  So there.  Again.

My whiney attitude is put aside and I'm totally over it now because I am beyond blessed and this stuff I've mentioned is petty.  Let the gift list continue!

229.  My parents taking the girls for an "all-three-are-gone-oh-my-gosh" night. 

230.  Date night with my man layoff style tonight -- coupon for BOGO at Village Inn -- breakfast for dinner?  Yum!

231.  Going into NBC on a whim and coming out with three fabulous dresses -- all 50% off just for signing up on their email list -- $22.57 total.  (And one is Ann Taylor LOFT!) Just FYI -- I prayed before going in and asked God to help me find a good deal.

232.  Pop-up showers -- two times in the past 3 days

233.  Pine needles from my parents' house to use as mulch

234.  Five salvations at VBS last week

235.  Parents who generously help with back to school clothes and  Grams who pay little girls who work very well

236.  Evening jeep rides

237.  Girls who ask to work in order to earn some spending money

238.  My Grams' 81 year old version of a Rockstar pedicure

239.  A new haircut!

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